Understanding physical development in the early years : linking bodies and minds


    • O'Connor, Anne
    • Daly, Anna


Understanding physical development in the early years : linking bodies and minds

Anne O'Connor and Anna Daly

Routledge, 2016

  • : hbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 168-174) and index



Understanding Physical Development in the Early Years provides an accessible introduction to the current research and thinking in this area alongside descriptions of everyday practice. It explores the kinds of activities and experiences that promote physical development and offers practical guidance on how these can be facilitated. Physical development plays a crucial role in young children's learning, behaviour and emotional health and is now recognised as a prime area in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage. It is therefore essential that those working in the early years sector provide children with a wide range of opportunities for movement and sensory experiences. Drawing on current legislation and the requirements of the EYFS, the book covers all aspects of physical development and includes: * reflection tasks, summaries and impact on practice sections; * guidance on issues that can cause concern such as health and safety, rough and tumble play, gender and the effective use of indoor and outdoor space; * advice on the role of the practitioner and ideas for working with parents and families; * information on the different stages of physical development. Written by leading consultants, this book will be essential reading for early years students and practitioners that want to fully understand young children's physical development and provide opportunities that nourish children's overall learning and physical and emotional wellbeing.


Introduction 1. What is physical development and why is it so important? 2. Our own early experience of physical development and how it supports our role as practitioner 3. The stages of physical development 4. The role of reflexes in physical development 5. Sensory processing and integration 6. Looking more closely at vestibular and proprioceptive development 7. Physical development and the EYFS Conclusion More Information Glossary

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