Training young distance runners



Training young distance runners

Larry Greene, Russ Pate

Human Kinetics, c2015

3rd ed

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Previous ed.: 2004

Includes bibliographical references (p. 233-234) and index



This book deals with the essentials of coaching teenage runners. Previous editions of Training Young Distance Runners have helped countless runners achieve their best times, avoid injuries and improve their performance progressively from season to season. Updated, expanded and enhanced, this new edition further enhances its standing as the standard reference for athletes and coaches in cross country, track and field and road. Athletes will learn to optimise performance through tempo running, interval training and technique work to improve form and gain a competitive advantage with expert advice and strategies for event-specific training, avoiding injuries, and overcoming setbacks. The book contains guidelines for designing customised daily, weekly and seasonal programmes as well as coverage of hot topics including nutritional supplements, barefoot running and minimalist shoes, and gearing training to the specific needs of girls and boys.


  • Part I: Running Fundamentals
  • Chapter. 1 Peak Development
  • Chapter 2. Teen Physiology
  • Chapter 3. Maximum Nutrition
  • Chapter 4. Champion Psyche
  • Chapter 5. Form Fundamentals
  • Part II: Training and Racing Programs
  • Chapter 6. General Training Methods
  • Chapter 7. Race-Specific Training
  • Chapter 8. Program Building
  • Chapter 9. Planning Training
  • Chapter 10. Dealing with Setbacks.

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