Audiovisual translation : taking stock


    • Díaz Cintas, Jorge
    • Neves, Josélia


Audiovisual translation : taking stock

edited by Jorge Díaz Cintas and Josélia Neves

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015

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This book is an edited collection of papers dealing with some of the main issues in audiovisual translation (AVT) today. As the title indicates, it proposes to take stock of where the discipline stands and to speak of the opportunities and challenges that an ever-changing environment poses to those involved in the field, whether in teaching, researching or working professionally within the industry. The selection of papers provides a detailed overview of the multidisciplinary richness that characterises AVT by covering topics related to culture, linguistics and technology, among others, in various thematic and geographical contexts. All the main domains of AVT are explored-subtitling, dubbing, surtitling, accessibility to the media-and new directions are highlighted, showing how audiovisual translation is moving beyond its traditional settings.

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