Political phenomenology : essays in memory of Petee Jung


Political phenomenology : essays in memory of Petee Jung

Hwa Yol Jung, Lester Embree, editors

(Contributions to phenomenology, 84)

Springer, c2016

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 403-432) and index



This volume presents political phenomenology as a new specialty in western philosophical and political thought that is post-classical, post-Machiavellian, and post-behavioral. It draws on history and sets the agenda for future explorations of political issues. It discloses crossroads between ethics and politics and explores border-crossing issues. All the essays in this volume challenge existing ideas of politics significantly. As such they open new ways for further explorations BY future generations of phenomenologists and non-phenomenologists alike. Moreover, the comprehensive chronological bibliography is unprecedented and provides not only an excellent picture of what phenomenologists have already done but also a guide for the future.


  • PART I: FOREGROUND: STAGING AGENDA FOR POLITICAL PHENOMENOLOGY.- Chapter 1: Is a Rational Politics a Real Possibility? William L. McBride.- Chapter 2: Geophilosophy, the Lifeworld, and the Political
  • Calvin O. Schrag.- Chapter 3: Confrontation with Modernity
  • Thomas Nenon.- Chapter 4: A Construction of Alfred Schutz's Theory of Political Science
  • Lester Embree.- Chapter 5: Carnal Hermeneutics and Political Theory
  • Hwa Yol Jung.- Chapter 6: Arendt, Kant, and the Beauty of Politics: A Phenomenological View
  • Ralph P. Hummel.- Chapter 7: Phenomenology of Public Opinion: The Communicative Body, Intercorporeality, and Computer-Mediated Communication
  • Joohan Kim.- PART II: CROSSROADS OF ETHICS AND POLITICS.- Chapter 8: Political Phenomenology: John Wild and Emmanuel Levinas on the Political
  • Richard I. Sugarman.- Chapter 9: Levinas and Lukacs: Totality and Infinity-Phenomenology Hegelian and Husserlian, and Kantian Ethics
  • Richard Cohen.- Chapter 10: Liberation Ethics and Transcendental Phenomenology
  • Michael Barber.- Chapter 11: Phenomenology of Recognition: Hegel's Original Contribution to the Politics of Recognition in Global Society
  • Gi Bung Kwon.- Chapter 12: Toward a Phenomenology of Human Rights
  • Robert Bernasconi.- Chapter 13: Genocidal Rape as Spectacle
  • Debra Bergoffen.- Chapter 14: Is Heidegger's Philosophy Ethically Meaningless? Dongsoo Lee.- Chapter 15: Asymmetrical Reciprocity and Practical Agency: Contemporary Dilemmas of Feminist Theory in Benhabib, Young, and Kristeva
  • Patricia Huntington.- Chapter 16: Spaces of Freedom: Materiality, Mediation, and Direct Political Participation in the Work of Arendt and Sartre
  • Sonia Kruks.- Chapter 17: Memory and Countermemory: For an Open Future
  • Martin Beck Matustik.- PART III: BORDER CROSSINGS.- Chapter 18: Cross-Cultural Encounters: Gadamer and Merleau-Ponty
  • Fred Dallmayr.- Chapter 19: Transversality and Mestizaje: Moving Beyond the Purification-Resistance Impasse
  • John Francis Burke.- Chapter 20: When Monsters No Longer Speak
  • Jane Anna Gordon and Lewis Ricardo Gordon.

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