Democratic governance in Northeast Asia : a human-centered approach to evaluating democracy


    • Howe, Brendan M.


Democratic governance in Northeast Asia : a human-centered approach to evaluating democracy

edited by Brendan Howe

(Security, development and human rights in East Asia / series editor, Brendan Howe)(Palgrave pivot)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • Measuring the quality of democratic governance / Brendan Howe
  • The deterioration of South Korean democracy / Hannes B. Mosler
  • Migrant workers in South Korean society / Hakjae Kim
  • Japan : a superficially democratic state? / Brendan Howe and Jennifer S. Oh
  • Non-regular workers in Japan / Jennifer S. Oh
  • Taiwanese democracy / Christian Schafferer
  • Debating "unpopular" issues in Taiwan / Christian Schafferer
  • Old flaws and new challenges / Brendan Howe



Comprising case studies of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, this edited volume explores the key characteristics of democratic governance in Northeast Asia. Each democracy is assessed on the extent to which it enables the flourishing of social capital; prioritizes the interests of all as characterized by freedom from fear and want; and empowers all to participate in the democratic process and governance. With particular focus on the experience of minorities, this volume contends that the acid test of democratic governance is not how well the government represents the interests of the elites, or even the majority, but rather how it cares for the needs of vulnerable groups in society.


  • 1. Measuring the Quality of Democratic Governance
  • Brendan Howe2. The Deterioration of South Korean Democracy
  • Hannes Mosler3. Migrant Workers in South Korean Society
  • Hakjae Kim4. Japan: A Superficially Democratic State?
  • Brendan Howe and Jennifer Oh 5. Non-Regular Workers in Japan
  • Jennifer Oh6. Taiwanese Democracy
  • Christian Schafferer7. Debating ' 'Unpopular ' ' Issues in Taiwan
  • Christian SchaffererConclusion: Old Flaws and New Challenges
  • Brendan Howe

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