Sustainable sludge management : production of value added products


Sustainable sludge management : production of value added products

sponsored by Sustainable Sludge Management Task Committee of the Environmental Council, Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by R.D. Tyagi ... [et al.]

American Society of Civil Engineers, c2009

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Stricter regulations in many countries are increasing interest in sludge management processes which promote sustainability. Engineers and scientists are looking for viable options for resource management through the creation of value added-products from wastewater sludge. The ASCE's Technical Committee on Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Management identified the need to collect and present the latest information on recent trends in the bioconversion of sludge to value-added products like biopesticides, biosurfactants, enzymes, bioplastics, and biofertilizers/bioflocculants. The committee envisioned an easy-to-read book to serve as a reference for practicing professionals and as a textbook in undergraduate or graduate courses. ""Sustainable Sludge Management: Production of Value-Added Products"" offers an examination of wastewater sludge characteristics; a road to sustainability by converting sludge into value-added products; and, detailed information on the various types of value-added products being created from sludge. This book will be valuable to undergraduate and graduate students in environmental engineering, educators, researchers, practicing engineers and scientists.

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