The Palgrave handbook of child mental health : discourse and conversation studies


    • O'Reilly, Michelle
    • Lester, Jessica Nina


The Palgrave handbook of child mental health : discourse and conversation studies

edited by Michelle O'Reilly, Jessica Nina Lester

(Palgrave handbooks)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and index



A landmark publication in the field, this state of the art reference work includes contributions from leading thinkers across a range of disciplines on topics including ADHD, autism, depression, eating disorders and trauma. It is an essential resource for all those involved or interested in child mental health.


  • Preface PART I: THE PLACE OF CONVERSATION/DISCOURSE ANALYSIS IN CHILD MENTAL HEALTH 1. The Value of Conversation Analysis for Child Mental Health
  • Alessandra Fasulo 2. The Value of Conversation Analysis: A Child Psychiatrist's Perspective
  • Khalid Karim 3. The Value of Discourse Analysis: A Clinical Psychologist's View
  • Nikki Kiyimba 4. Looking or Spotting? A Conversation Analytic Perspective on Interaction Between a Humanoid Robot, a Co-Present Adult and a Child with an ASD
  • Paul Dickerson and Ben Robins 5. ADHD: The Discursive Implications
  • Adam Rafalovich PART II: A CRITICAL APPROACH TO CHILD MENTAL HEALTH 6. Discourses on Children's Mental Health: A Critical Review
  • Tom Strong and Monica Sesma-Vazquez 7. Child Mental Health: A Discourse Community
  • Stephen Gilson and Liz DePoy 8. The Social Construction of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Sami Timimi and Lewis Timimi 9. Moral Evaluations in Repertoires of ADHD
  • Mary Horton-Salway and Alison Davies 10. Leaving Melancholia: Disruptive Mood Dsyregulation Disorder
  • Valerie Harwood 11. Why Does a Systemic Psychotherapy 'Work'?
  • Sim Roy-Chowdhury PART III: THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF NORMAL/ABNORMAL 12. Red Flags: The Social Construction of a Sympton
  • David Giles 13. The Production of the 'Normal Child': Exploring Co-Constructions of Parents, Children and Therapists
  • Charlotte Brownlow and Andrea Lamont-Mills 14. Should Autism be Classified as a Mental Illness/Disability? Evidence from Empirical Work
  • Michelle O'Reilly, Khalid Karim and Jessica Lester 15. Subjectivity in Autistic Language: A Reapprasial of Pronoun Avoidance and Reversal
  • Laura Sterponi, Kenton de Kirby and Jennifer Shankey 16. Normative Development and the Autistic Child
  • Lindsay O'Dell and Charlotte Brownlow PART IV: SITUATING AND EXPLORING CHILD MENTAL HEALTH DIFFICULTIES 17. A Conversation Analysis of the Problem Presentation Phase of Initial Assessment Appointments in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • Victoria Stafford and Khalid Karim 18. The Discursive Construction of Problem Behaviours of Children with Autism in Therapy
  • Jessica Lester and Michelle O'Reilly 19. Name-Calling by a Child with Asperger's Syndrome
  • Johanna Rendle-Short, Susan Danby and Ray Wilkinson 20. Attachment Processes and Eating Disorders in Families: Research and Clinical Implications
  • Rudi Dallos and Sarah Pitt 21. Using Discourse Analysis to Study Online Forums for Yound People who Self-Harm
  • Janet Smithson 22. Using Conversation Analysis for Understanding Children's Talk about Traumatic Events
  • Amanda Bateman, Susan Danby and Justine Howard 23. Food, Eating and 'Eating Disorders': Analysing Adolescents' Discourse
  • Maxine Woolhouse and Katy Day PART V: MANAGING PROBLEM BEHAVIOUR 24. Nonverbal Communication as Interactional Resources for Children with Autism: A Discourse Analysis of the Rhetoric of Communication Privilege
  • Jessica Lester 25. Parents' Resources for Facilitating the Activities of Children with Autism at Home
  • Monica Ramey and John Rae 26. Managing and Normalising Emotions and Behaviour: A Conversation Analytic Study of ADHD Coaching
  • Louise Bradley and Carly Butler 27. How Expectation to Speak Influences an Interaction Involving a Child with Selective Mutism: A Conversation Analysis Case Study
  • Hanna Schafer and Tom Muskett 28. "I'm Happy with Who I Am": A Discursice Analysis of the Self-Characterisation Practices of Boys in "Behaviour" Schools
  • Linda J. Graham PART VI: CHILD MENTAL HEALTH PRACTICE 29. Therapeutic Vision: Eliciting Talk about Feelings in Child Counselling for Family Separation
  • Ian Hutchbuy 30. Parents' Negative Positioning of Children in Family Therapy: A Discursive Argument for Purposeful Inclusion and Exclusion of children
  • Nikki Kiyimba and Michelle O'Reilly 31. Parentification: client and Counsellor Talk on a Helpline for Children and Young People
  • Susan Danby, Jakob Cromdal, Johanna Rendle-Short, Carly W. Butler, Karin Osvaldsson and Michael Emmison 32. "And You? What Do You Think Then?" Taking Care of Thought and Reasoning in Intellectual Disability
  • Marilena Fatigante, Saverio Bafaro and Margherita Orsolini 33. "You Just Have to be Cheerful Really": Children's Accounts of Ordinariness in Trauma Recovery Talk

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