Emotions, technology, and behaviors



Emotions, technology, and behaviors

edited by Sharon Y. Tettegah, Dorothy L. Espelage

(Emotions and technology : communication of feelings for, with, and through digital media)

Academic Press, c2016

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Exploring the connections between technology, emotions, and behaviors is increasingly important as we spend more and more time online and in digital environments. Technology, Emotions, and Behavior explains the role of technology in the evolution of both emotions and behaviors, and their interaction with each other. It discusses emotion modeling, distraction, and contagion as related to digital narrative and virtual spaces. It examines issues of trust and technology, behaviors used by individuals who are cut off from technology, and how individuals use technology to cope after disasters such as Hurricane Sandy. Technology, Emotions and Behaviors ends by exploring the construct of empathy and perspective-taking through online videos and socially shared activities. Practitioners and researchers will find this text useful in their work.


Chapter 1: Looking Back at the Enlightenment to Understand Contemporary Relationships Between Technology, Science, and the Emotional Life of Human Beings Chapter 2: Postmodernity and Online Intimacy: from Virtual Communities to Facebook Chapter 3: Enactive Emotion and Virtual Environments Chapter 4: Cultural and Gender Differences in Communicative Feedback Expressing Agreement Chapter 5: Emotion Modeling in Digital Narrative: Computational Approaches Chapter Six: Interactions between Emotional Distractions and Cognitive Load Chapter 7: Emotional Contagion and Socialization into Virtual Interaction Chapter 8: How, When, and Why Do We Trust Technology Too Much? Chapter 9: Disconnect to Connect--Emotional Responses to Loss of Technology During Hurricane Sandy Chapter 10: Pathos and Punishment--The Emotional Appeal of Digilante Rhetoric Chapter 11: Cyberbullying and its Emotional Consequences--What We Know and What We Can Do Chapter 12: Emotions in Social Computer Games--Relations with Bullying, Aggression, and School Belonging Chapter 13: Empathy Online Chapter 14: Emotions as Modulators of Perspective Taking in Digital Environments

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