The edge of race : critical examinations of education and race/racism



The edge of race : critical examinations of education and race/racism

edited by Kalervo N. Gulson, Zeus Leonardo and David Gillborn

Routledge, 2016


The edge of race : critical examinations of education and race-racism

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The phrase 'the edge of race' can be used both as a description and as a response to two key concerns. The first of these is that while race is increasingly on the periphery of education policy - with a growing disregard shown for racist inequities, as education systems become dominated by market-driven concerns - it is important that we map the shifting relations of race in neoliberal politics and policies. The second concern is that at this time, within and outside the spaces of the academy, even to mention race equity is to risk condemnation, marginalization, and ridicule. The authors in this collection use 'the edge of race' as a provocation in order to examine the concepts, methodologies, policies, politics, processes, and practices associated with race and racism in education. The chapters offer empirical examples of the perpetuation and perniciousness of racism that point to the continued salience of research about race. Additionally, the chapters make contributions to conceptual and methodological understandings of race and racism. The contributors illustrate the contingency, productivity, and fragility of race as a concept, and point to how educational research continues to be a contested site in, and from which to study, race and education. This book was originally published as a special issue of Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education.


Introduction - The edge of race: critical examinations of education and race/racism Kalervo N. Gulson, Zeus Leonardo and David Gillborn 1. Interest-divergence and the colour of cutbacks: race, recession and the undeclared war on Black children David Gillborn 2. A political investment: revisiting race and racism in the research process Nicola Rollock 3. Race talk and school equity in local print media: the discursive flexibility of whiteness and the promise of race-conscious talk Sofia A. Villenas and Sophia L. Angeles 4. 'Waiting for Superman' to save black people: racial representation and the official antiracism of neoliberal school reform Michael J. Dumas 5. From model minorities to disposable models: the de-legitimisation of educational success through discourses of authenticity Alice Bradbury 6. 14 souls, 19 days and 1600 dreams: engaging critical race praxis while living on the 'edge' of race David Stovall 7. 'Too Asian?' On racism, paradox and ethno-nationalism Roland Sintos Coloma 8. The story of schooling: critical race theory and the educational racial contract Zeus Leonardo 9. You can't erase race! Using CRT to explain the presence of race and racism in majority white suburban schools Thandeka K. Chapman 10. 'We had to hide we're Muslim': ambient fear, Islamic schools and the geographies of race and religion Kalervo N. Gulson and P. Taylor Webb

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