Unbounded self-adjoint operators on Hilbert space


Unbounded self-adjoint operators on Hilbert space

Konrad Schmüdgen

(Graduate texts in mathematics, 265)

Springer, 2012

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The book is a graduate text on unbounded self-adjoint operators on Hilbert space and their spectral theory with the emphasis on applications in mathematical physics (especially, Schrodinger operators) and analysis (Dirichlet and Neumann Laplacians, Sturm-Liouville operators, Hamburger moment problem) . Among others, a number of advanced special topics are treated on a text book level accompanied by numerous illustrating examples and exercises. The main themes of the book are the following: - Spectral integrals and spectral decompositions of self-adjoint and normal operators - Perturbations of self-adjointness and of spectra of self-adjoint operators - Forms and operators - Self-adjoint extension theory :boundary triplets, Krein-Birman-Vishik theory of positive self-adjoint extension


I Basics onClosed Operators.- 1 Closed Operators and Adjoint Operators.- 2 Spectrum of Closed Operators.- 3 Some Classes of Unbounded Operators.- II Spectral Theory.- 4 Spectral Measures and Spectral Integrals.- 5 Spectral Decomposition of Selfadjoint and Normal Operators.- III Special Topics.- 6 One-Parameter Groups and Semigroups of Operators.- 7 Miscellaneous.- IV Petirbations of Selfadjointness and of Spectra of Selfadjoint Operators.- 8 Perturbations of Selfadjoint Operators.- 9 Trace Class Perturbations of Spectra of Selfadjoint Operators.- V Forms and Operators.- 10 Semibounded Forms and Selfadjoint Operators.- 11 Sectorial Forms and m-Sectorial Operators.- 12 Discrete Spectrum of Selfadjoint Operators.- VI Selfadjoint Extention Theory of Symmetric Operators.- 13 Selfajoint Extensions: Cayley Transform and Krein Transform.- 14 Selfadjoint Extensions: Boundary Triplets.- 15 Sturm-Liouville Operators.- One-Dimensional Moment Problem.

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