City politics, Canada


    • Lightbody, James


City politics, Canada

James Lightbody

Broadview Press, c2006

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City Politics, Canada is an introduction to the basic politics and core policies of today's city halls. While the book surveys classic discussions and accurately describes municipal institutions in Canada, it also explains why particular policies assume the specific shape they do. James Lightbody draws on over thirty years experience researching and participating in city politics to argue that transparent accountability from local public officials, related to specific policies and the general condition of the community, is an important and desired end for democratic city government. Arguments for change within city politics are insufficient if the result is that everyone has a say but no one is accountable. In following this theme throughout the book, Lightbody examines the various facets of metropolitan politics in a lively and engaging manner, and explains why city politics are important to all Canadians. Provincial agenda setting is viewed through the lens of the urban political landscape, as are the reasons behind the Toronto Megacity (1996) and Montreal's consolidation. Finally, the book expands its discussion to explore the global reach of the urban phenomenon and the impact of world practices on Canada's metropolitan cities. The ultimate hope for this book is that readers, as citizens, will be better able to understand the basic politics and core policies of today's city halls-and will be better equipped to participate effectively in the processes by which those policies are made.


List of Abbreviations Preface Introductory Note Part I: An Introduction to Canadian Metropolitan Politics Chapter 1: The study of urban politics Chapter 2: The policy-making system of the Canadian city Chapter 3: Urban political culture and the limits to policy choice Chapter 4: The development of locally accountable organizations Part II: The Politics of City Governing Chapter 5: Elections and voters Chapter 6: Political parties and theories of local non-partisanship Chapter 7: Interests and lobbying at City Hall Chapter 8: Social movements, leadership, and the policy agenda Part III: Intergovernmental Issues and Metropolitan Governing Chapter 9: Relations among governments Chapter 10: Standing issues in regional governing Chapter 11: Theoretical questions about metropolitan institutions Chapter 12: Organizing city governments in the metropolis Chapter 13: The politics of local government reform Part IV: Canadian Metropolitan Centres in a World Context Chapter 14: The impact of world practices on Canadian metropolitan cities Glossary References Index of Names Index of Subjects

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