Middle East patterns : places, peoples, and politics


Middle East patterns : places, peoples, and politics

Colbert C. Held, John Thomas Cummings ; cartography by John V. Cotter

Westview Press, c2014

6th ed

  • : pbk

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Previous ed.: 2011

Includes bibliographical references (p. 681-684) and index



Now in its sixth edition, Middle East Patterns continues to be the most comprehensive and authoritative geographical study of the region. Colbert C. Held and John Thomas Cummings introduce the Middle East from a topical perspective and then provide in-depth country-by-country coverage. The sixth edition maintains the book's well-received framework and distinctive focus on a wide range of geographical patterns,ethnographic, economic, and political,while integrating updated comparative material on natural resources and human and social development. New sections on health issues, business environments, and the historical US presence in the region expand the book's ample coverage. Richly illustrated with more than 125 photos and 70 maps, this acclaimed book remains the best accessible resource for students and general readers who seek to understand the spatial dynamics of the Middle East.Visit middleeastpatterns.com for historical timelines, archived content from the fifth edition, and updated material on current situations in the Middle East.


Condensed Table of Contents Preface and Acknowledgments A Note on Transliteration Part One: Physical and Cultural Geography 1. Tricontinental Junction: An Introduction 2. The Face of the Earth 3. Patterns of Time: Historical-Geographical Foundations 4. Patterns of Peoples, Cultures, and Settlements 5. The Desert and the Sown: Land Use 6. Riches Beneath the Earth 7. Manufacturing and Transportation 8. The Earth and the State: Geopolitics Part Two: Regional Geography 9. Syria: Middle East Heartland 10. Lebanon and Cyprus: A Mountain and an Island 11. Jordan: The Land Beyond and Between 12. Israel, Palestine, and Disputed Territories 13. Iraq: Modern Mesopotamia 14. Saudi Arabia: Development in the Desert 15. The Gulf and Its Oil States 16. Oman and Yemen: The Southern Fringe 17. Egypt: A River and a People 18. Turkey: Bridgeland in Anatolia 19. Iran: Complex Republic on the Plateau Glossary Geological Time Chart Bibliography Index

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