National democratic reforms in Africa : changes and challenges


National democratic reforms in Africa : changes and challenges

edited by Said Adejumobi

Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • Democratic performance in Africa : uneven progress, faltering hopes / Said Adejumobi
  • The travails of democratization in Liberia / George Klay Kieh, Jr
  • Two decades of liberal democracy in Ghana : a critical political economy perspective / Jasper Ayelazuno
  • South Sudan and the nation-building project : lessons and challenges / Christopher Zambakari
  • Progress and challenges of liberal democracy in Uganda / Godfrey B. Asiimwe
  • Narratives of the Zimbabwe crisis, national sovereignty, and human and media rights violations / Nhamo Anthony Mhiripiri
  • The democratic deficits of Mauritius : development and justice threatened / Sheila Bunwaree
  • Elections and the challenges of democratization in Sierra Leone / Zubairu Wai



From putative 'success stories' such as Ghana and Rwanda to failed efforts in Zimbabwe and other countries, this volume brings together seven incisive case studies from diverse contexts including post-war Sierra Leone, Uganda, and the new nation of South Sudan to distil insights into the troubled progress of reform across the African continent.


1. Democratic Performance in Africa: Uneven Progress, Faltering Hopes -Said Adejumobi 2. Travails of Democracy in Liberia - George Klay Kieh 3. Two Decades of Liberal Democracy in Ghana: A Critical Political Economy Perspective. - Jasper Ayelazuna 4. South Sudan and the Nation Building Project: Lessons and Challenges - Christopher Zambakari 5. Progress and Challenges of Liberal Democracy in Uganda - Asiimwe Godfrey 6. The Zimbabwe crisis, Human Rights Violations and Narratives of Sovereignty - Nhamo Anthony Mhiripiri 7. The Democratic Deficits of Mauritius - Development and Justice Threatened - Sheila Bunwaree 8. Elections and the Challenges of Post-Conflict Democratisation in Sierra Leone - Zubairu Wai

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