Sound, speech, music in Soviet and post-Soviet cinema



Sound, speech, music in Soviet and post-Soviet cinema

edited by Lilya Kaganovsky and Masha Salazkina

Indiana University Press, c2014

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Bibliography: p. 273-290

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This innovative volume challenges the ways we look at both cinema and cultural history by shifting the focus from the centrality of the visual and the literary toward the recognition of acoustic culture as formative of the Soviet and post-Soviet experience. Leading experts and emerging scholars from film studies, musicology, music theory, history, and cultural studies examine the importance of sound in Russian, Soviet, and post-Soviet cinema from a wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives. Addressing the little-known theoretical and artistic experimentation with sound in Soviet cinema, changing practices of voice delivery and translation, and issues of aesthetic ideology and music theory, this book explores the cultural and historical factors that influenced the use of voice, music, and sound on Soviet and post-Soviet screens.


AcknowledgementsNote on TransliterationList of AbbreviationsIntroduction / Masha SalazkinaPart I: From Silence to Sound1. From the History of Graphic Sound in the USSR or Media without a Medium / Nikolai Izvolov2. Silents, Sound, and Modernism in Dmitry Shostakovich's Score to The New Babylon / Joan Titus3. To Catch up and Overtake Hollywood: Early Talking Pictures in the Soviet Union / Valerie Pozner4. ARRK and the Soviet Transition to Sound / Natalia Ryabchikova5. Making Sense without Speech: The Use of Silence in Early Soviet Sound Film / Emma WiddisPart II: Speech and Voice6. The Problem of Heteroglossia in Early Soviet Sound Cinema (1930-1935) / Evgeny Margolit7. Challenging the Voice-of-God in World War II Era Soviet Documentaries / Jeremy Hicks8. Vocal Changes: Marlon Brando, Innokenti Smoktunovsky, and The Sound of The 1950s / Oksana Bulgakowa9. Listening to the Inaudible Foreign: Simultaneous Translators and Soviet Experience of Foreign Cinema / Elena RazlogovaPart III: Music in Film, or the Soundtrack10. Kinomuzyka: Theorizing Soviet Film Music in the 1930s / Kevin Bartig11. Ear of the Beholder: Listening in Muzykal'naia istoriia (1940) / Anna Nisnevich12. The Music of Landscape: Eisenstein, Prokofiev and the Uses of Music in Ivan The Terrible / Joan Neuberger13. The Full Illusion of Reality: Repentance, Polystylism, and the Late Soviet Soundscape / Peter Schmelz14. Russian Rock on Soviet Bones / Lilya KaganovskyBibliographyContributorsIndex

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