Chronicles of the investiture contest


    • Frutolf, of Michelsberg
    • McCarthy, Thomas John Henry


Chronicles of the investiture contest

Frutolf of Michelsberg and his continuators ; selected sources translated and annotated by T.J.H. McCarthy

(Manchester medieval sources series)

Manchester University Press, 2014

  • : pbk

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Translated from the Latin

Includes bibliographical references (p. [286]-311) and index



This book is the first English translation of one of the most significant chronicles of the middle ages. Written in Bamberg at the end of the eleventh century, Frutolf of Michelsberg's Chronicle offers a lively and vivid account of the great struggle between the German emperors and the papacy known today as the Investiture Contest. Together with numerous continuations written in the first quarter of the twelfth century, Frutolf's Chronicle offers an engaging and accessible snapshot of how medieval people reacted to a conflict that led to civil war in Germany and Italy, and fundamentally altered the relationship of church and state in Western society. -- .


Introduction 1. Frutolf of Michelsberg, Chronicle (1001-1101) 2. The 1106 Continuation of Frutolf's Chronicle (1096-1106) 3. The Bamberg Imperial Chronicle (1096-1114) 4a. Ekkehard of Aura, Chronicle, book 5 (1106-16) 4b. Ekkehard of Aura, Hierosolimita 5. The 1125 Continuation of Frutolf's Chronicle (1117-25) Bibliography Index -- .

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