Study guide and procedure checklist manual for Kinn's the administrative medical assistant


    • Proctor, debprah


Study guide and procedure checklist manual for Kinn's the administrative medical assistant

Deborah Proctor ... [et al.]

Elsevier, c2017

13th ed.


60th anniversary

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Get more practice with the essential medical assisting job skills! Designed to support Kinn's The Administrative Medical Assistant: An Applied Learning Approach, 13th Edition, Kinn's The Administrative Medical Assistant - Study Guide and Procedure Checklist Manual Package: An Applied Learning Approach, 13th Edition offers a wide range of exercises to reinforce your understanding of common administrative skills - including CAAHEP and ABHES competencies.A variety of exercises test your knowledge and critical thinking skills with vocabulary review, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true/false questions.Additional exercises enhance learning with skills and concepts, word puzzles, case studies, workplace applications, and Internet activities.Procedure checklists help you track your performance of every procedure included in the textbook.Work products allow you to provide documentation to instructors and to accrediting organizations when a competency has been mastered.Cross-references tie together exercises in the study guide to the Connections theme in the main text.NEW! Eight procedure checklists based on CAAHEP competencies provide an assessment tool for MA procedures.NEW! Glucometer test results and Mantoux test records allow you to assess how well you're able to perform these procedures.�NEW! Coverage of ICD-10 prepares you to use this new code set.NEW! SimChart for the Medical Office Connection ties EHR cases to appropriate chapters.


Unit 1 - Introduction to Medical Assisting 1.�The Medical Assistant and Competency-Based Education 2.�The Medical Assistant and the Healthcare Team 3.�Professional Behavior in the Workplace 4.�Therapeutic Communications 5.�Patient Education 6.�Medicine and Law 7.�Medicine and Ethics Unit 2 - Ambulatory Care Administration 8.�Technology and Written Communication in the Medical Office 9.�Telephone Techniques 10.�Scheduling Appointments and Patient Processing 11.�Daily Operations in the Ambulatory Care Setting 12.�The Health Record 13.�Administrative Pharmacology Applications Unit 3 -Coding and Medical Billing Procedures 14.�Basics of Diagnostic Coding 15.�Basics of Procedural Coding 16.�Basics of Health Insurance 17.�Medical Billing and Reimbursement Unit 4 - Medical Office Administrative Functions 18.�Patient Accounts, Collections and Practice Management 19.�Banking Services and Procedures 20.�Supervision and Human Resources Management 21.�Medical Practice Marketing and Customer Service Unit 5 - Assisting with Medical Specialties 22.�All-Hazard Preparedness and Assisting with Medical Emergencies Unit 6 - Career Development 23.�Career Development and Life Skills

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