Time, memory, institution : Merleau-Ponty's new ontology of self


Time, memory, institution : Merleau-Ponty's new ontology of self

edited by David Morris and Kym Maclaren

(Series in continental thought / editorial board, Lester Embree ... [et al.], no. 47)

Ohio University Press, c2015

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Merleau-Ponty's new ontology of self

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This collection is the first extended investigation of the relation between time and memory in Maurice Merleau-Ponty's thought as a whole as well as the first to explore in depth the significance of his concept of institution. It brings the French phenomenologist's views on the self and ontology into contemporary focus. Time, Memory, Institution argues that the self is not a self-contained or self-determining identity, as such, but is gathered out of a radical openness to what is not self, and that it gathers itself in a time that is not merely a given dimension, but folds back upon, gathers, and institutes itself.Access to previously unavailable texts, in particular Merleau-Ponty's lectures on institution and expression, has presented scholars with new resources for thinking about time, memory, and history. These essays represent the best of this new direction in scholarship; they deepen our understanding of self and world in relation to time and memory; and they give occasion to reexamine Merleau-Ponty's contribution and relevance to contemporary Continental philosophy. This volume is essential reading for scholars of phenomenology and French philosophy, as well as for the many readers across the arts, humanities, and social sciences who continue to draw insight and inspiration from Merleau-Ponty.Contributors: Elizabeth Behnke, Edward Casey, Veronique Foti, Donald Landes, Kirsten Jacobson, Galen Johnson, Michael Kelly, Scott Marratto, Glen Mazis, Caterina Rea, John Russon, Robert Vallier, and Bernhard Waldenfels


Abbreviations for Works by Merleau-PontyAcknowledgmentsIntroductionPart I: Memory and the Temporality of the SelfThe Gift of Memory: Sheltering the I Kirsten Jacobson, University of MaineThe Depths of Time in the World's Memory of Self Glen A. Mazis, Penn State HarrisburgNull-Body, Protean Body, Potent Body, Neutral Body, Wild Body Elizabeth A. Behnke, Study Project in Phenomenology of the BodyThe Impossibilities of the I: Self, Memory, and Language in Merleau-Ponty and Derrida John Russon, University of GuelphPart II: Expression, Institution, and OntologyMemory-Of the Future: Institution and Memory in the Later Merleau-Ponty Robert Vallier, Sciences-Po Paris / DePaul UniversityMemory, Sedimentation, Self: The Weight of the Ideal in Bergson and Merleau-Ponty Donald A. Landes, Concordia UniversityExpression in Merleau-Ponty's Aesthetics, Philosophy of Nature, and Ontology Veronique M. Foti, Pennsylvania State University"This Power to Which We Are Vowed": Subjectivity and Expression in Merleau-Ponty Scott Marratto, Michigan Technological UniversityThe Origin of Corporeal Ipseity: Between Lag and Institution Caterina Rea, Universidade da Integracao da Lusofonia Afro-brasileira (Translated by Darian Meacham)Part III: The Ontology of TimeThe Subject as Time: Merleau-Ponty's Transition from Phenomenology to Ontology Michael R. Kelly, University of San DiegoComing and Going of Time Bernhard Waldenfels, Ruhr University BochumThe Presence of the Artwork, a Past That Is Not Past: Merleau-Ponty and Paul Klee Galen A. Johnson, University of Rhode IslandEdges of Time, Edges of Memory Edward S. Casey, Stony Brook UniversityIndex

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