International human resource management : contemporary HR issues in Europe


International human resource management : contemporary HR issues in Europe

edited by Michael Dickmann, Chris Brewster and Paul Sparrow

(Routledge global human resource management series)

Routledge, 2016

3rd ed

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International human resource management : contemporary human resource issues in Europe

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International Human Resource Management provides a concise overview of the rich HR landscape in Europe to help students develop cutting-edge people management approaches. The innovative, multi-disciplinary approach of the book provides a holistic picture of the key issues on the individual, organizational and societal levels. The book is divided into three parts: * Part I explores the institutional and economic contexts that organizations face in different European countries. This section goes beyond exploring issues of diversity to include a discussion of the impact of the recent financial crisis. * Part II concentrates on the key challenges and trends facing HR, including an aging population, migration, and sustainability, and analyzes the unique and inventive ways these are addressed in different countries across Europe. * Part III focuses on the fundamental HR areas - recruitment and selection, performance management and rewards, employment relations, global careers, and so forth - and the ways in which these policies and practices are shaped by the European Union. With broader coverage, the latest thinking in the field, and cutting-edge cases, examples and insights, this book will prove a highly valuable resource for students, researchers and practitioners working in human resource management, and international business.


1. Introduction and Overview Michael Dickmann, Chris Brewster and Paul Sparrow Part I: Macro-Views: IHRM and Its Response to Crises in Europe 2.Shaping HRM in Crises and Beyond - Overview of Section Michael Dickmann, Chris Brewster, Paul Sparrow 3. How Does European Integration Influence Employment Relations? Denise Currie, Paul Teague 4. Mediterranean HRM - Key Trends and Challenges Eleni Stavrou, Nancy Papalexandris 5. Developments in Human Resource Management in Central and Eastern Europe in Comparative Perspective Michael J Morley, Jozsef Poor, Noreen Heraty, Ruth Alas, Aleksy Pocztowski 6. Nordic HRM - Distinctiveness and Resilience Torben Andersen, Freddy Hallsten 7. Western European HRM: Reactions and Adjustment to Crises Alexandros Psychogios, Chris Brewster, Emma Parry Part II: Mezzo-Views: Cross-National HRM Strategies, Structures, Policies and Practices 8. Mezzo-Views: Cross-National and Organizational level HRM Strategies, Structures, Policies and Practices - Overview of Section II Paul Sparrow, Michael Dickmann, Chris Brewster 9. Beyond the Private Sector: International HRM in the Not for Profit Sectors Chris Brewster, Paul Boselie, Peter Liesink, Kerstin Alfes 10. The HRM of Foreign MNCs Operating in Europe Chul Chung, Masayuki Furusawa 11. Human Resources and Corporate Responsibility Todd Cardarelli, David Grayson, Michael Dickmann 12. Age and Diversity in Europe Emma Parry, Heike Schroder, Matt Flynn, Deirdre Anderson 13. International Migration and International Human Resource Management Akram Al Ariss, Jean-Luc Cerdin, Chris Brewster Part III: Micro-Views: Organizational Approaches and Individual (Re-) Actions in Europe 14. Overview of Section III Chris Brewster, Michael Dickmann, Paul Sparrow 15. Employment Relations in Europe Richard Croucher 16. Recruitment and Selection: Debates, Controversies and Variations in Europe Geoffrey Wood, Leslie Szamosi 17. Global Careers in European MNEs - Different Career Patterns in Europe? Michael Dickmann, Jean-Luc Cerdin, Wolfgang Mayrhofer 18. Talent Management in Europe Agnieszka Skuza, Hugh Scullion, David Collings 19. Pay for Performance in Europe Ihar Sahakiants, Marion Festing, Stephen Perkins 20. Employee Financial Participation Erik Poutsma, Eric Kaarsemaker, Paul Ligthart 21. Flexible Working in Europe Clare Kelliher 22. Conclusions: The Evolving HRM Landscape in Europe Paul Sparrow, Chris Brewster, Michael Dickmann

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