Developments in Russian politics 8


Developments in Russian politics 8

edited by Stephen White, Richard Sakwa and Henry E. Hale

Palgrave Macmillan, 2014

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 271-295) and index



Developments in Russian Politics 8 brings together a tightly-edited set of specially-commissioned chapters to provide a broad-ranging assessment of Putin's third term in power. Clearly and accessibly written, it will remain the introduction of choice to politics in the world's largest state.


  • 1. Politics in Russia
  • Richard Sakwa.- 2. The Hegemonic Executive
  • John P. Willerton.- 3. Parliamentary Politics in Russia
  • Thomas F. Remington.- 4. The Electoral Process
  • Stephen White.- 5. Russia's Political Parties and their Substitutes
  • Henry E. Hale.- 6. Voting Behaviour
  • Ian McAllister.- 7. Civil Society and Contentious Politics in Russia
  • Graeme Robertson.- 8. Russia's Media and Political Communication in the Digital Age
  • Sarah Oates.- 9. Assessing the Rule of Law in Russia
  • Kathryn Hendley.- 10. A Federal State?
  • Darrell Slider.- 11. Managing the Economy
  • Philip Hanson.- 12. Society and Social Divisions in Russia
  • Svetlana Stephenson.- 13. Foreign Policy
  • Margot Light.- 14. The Military, Security and Politics
  • Jennifer Mathers.- 15. Trajectories of Russian Politics
  • Vladimir Gel'man.

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