Queering borders : language, sexuality, and migration


    • Murray, David A. B.


Queering borders : language, sexuality, and migration

edited by David A.B. Murray

(Benjamins current topics, v. 85)

John Benjamins, c2016

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"The papers for this volume emerged out of a panel organized for the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting in November 2012 by Nathalie Ricard and me."--Preface

Includes bibliographical references and index



In recent years, migration has moved to the forefront of national and global debates, intensifying discussions about borders, security, identity and citizenship. In this volume we ask how language and sexuality impact these discussions: how do sexuality and language contribute toward the construction and maintenance of varying scales of borders? How do sexuality and language figure in border crossings across time, space, embodied differences, and culture? The contributors to this volume, all anthropologists, demonstrate how anthropological theories, concepts and methods uniquely address the operations of sexuality and language in the making, unmaking and remaking of these borders. In this volume, terminology, discourse, language choice, and other forms of linguistic practice are at the forefront of research on transnational queer im/migrant populations, allowing us to better understand how language shapes and is shaped by queer peoples' movements across borders.Originally published in Journal of Language and Sexuality Vol. 3:1 (2014).


  • 1. Preface
  • 2. Queering borders: Language, sexuality and migration (by Murray, David A.B.)
  • 3. To feel the truth: Discourse and emotion in Canadian sexual orientation refugee hearings (by Murray, David A.B.)
  • 4. Testimonies of LGBTIQ refugees as cartographies of political, sexual and emotional borders (by Ricard, Nathalie)
  • 5. "Being gay has been a curse for me": Gay Muslim Americans, narrative and negotiations of belonging in the Muslim ummah (by Afzal, Ahmed)
  • 6. "Coming out of the shadows" and "undocuqueer": Undocumented immigrants transforming sexuality discourse and activism (by Seif, Hinda)
  • 7. Citizenship(s), belonging and xenophobia: Ecuador and NYC (by Viteri, Maria Amelia)
  • 8. Sexual adjudications and queer transpositions (by Howe, Cymene)
  • 9. Index

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