Cosmopolitan conceptions : IVF sojourns in global Dubai


Cosmopolitan conceptions : IVF sojourns in global Dubai

Marcia C. Inhorn

Duke University Press, 2015

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In their desperate quest for conception, thousands of infertile couples from around the world travel to the global in vitro fertilization (IVF) hub of Dubai. In Cosmopolitan Conceptions Marcia C. Inhorn highlights the stories of 220 "reprotravelers" from fifty countries who sought treatment at a "cosmopolitan" IVF clinic in Dubai. These couples cannot find safe, affordable, legal, and effective IVF services in their home countries, and their stories offer a window into the world of infertility-a world that is replete with pain, fear, danger, frustration, and financial burden. These hardships dispel any notion that traveling for IVF treatment is reproductive tourism. The magnitude of reprotravel to Dubai, Inhorn contends, reflects the failure of countries to meet their citizens' reproductive needs, which suggests the necessity of creating new forms of activism that advocate for developing alternate pathways to parenthood, reducing preventable forms of infertility, supporting the infertile, and making safe and low-cost IVF available worldwide.


Illustrations ix Prologue. Rahnia's Reproductive Journey xi Introduction. IVF Sojourns 1 1. Hubs: Medical Cosmopolitanism in the Emirates 35 Hubs: Reprotravel Stories 77 2. Absences: Resource Shortages and Waiting Lists 105 Absences: Reprotravel Stories 138 3. Restrictions: Religious Bans and Law Evasion 159 Restricitions: Reprotravel Stories 197 4. Discomforts: Medical Harm and the Search for High-Quality IVF 221 Discomforts: Reprotravel Stories 255 Conclusion. Cosmopolitan Conceptions 287 Acknowledgments 305 Glossory of Medical Terms 311 Notes 321 References 351 Index 371

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