Environmental materials and waste : resource recovery and pollution prevention


Environmental materials and waste : resource recovery and pollution prevention

edited by M.N.V. Prasad, Kaimin Shih

Elsevier/Academic Press, c2016

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Environmental Materials and Waste: Resource Recovery and Pollution Prevention contains the latest information on environmental sustainability as a wide variety of natural resources are increasingly being exploited to meet the demands of a worldwide growing population and economy. These raw materials cannot, or can only partially, be substituted by renewable resources within the next few decades. As such, the efficient recovery and processing of mineral and energy resources, as well as recycling such resources, is now of significant importance. The book takes a multidisciplinary approach to fully realize the number of by-products which can be remanufactured, providing the foundation needed across disciplines to tackle this issue. As awareness and opportunities to recover valuable resources from process and bleed streams is gaining interest, sustainable recovery of environmental materials, including wastewater, offers tremendous opportunity to combine profitable and sustainable production.


Chapter 1: Recovery of resources from biowaste for pollution prevention Chapter 2: Destination of vinasse, a residue from alcohol industry - resource recovery and prevention of pollution Chapter 3: Biosolids enhances mine site rehabilitation and revegitation Chapter 4: Application of biochar produced from biowaste materials for environmental protection and sustainable agriculture production Chapter 5: Production and utilization of biochar from organic wastes for pollutant control on contaminated sites Chapter 6: Municipal solid waste biochar for prevention of pollution from landfill leachate Chapter 7: Removal and recovery of metals by biosorbents and biochars derived from biowastes Chapter 8: Biodiesel production from wastewater using oleaginous yeast and microalga Chapter 9: Utilization of sludge as manure Chapter 10: Energy & resource recovery from sludge: Full scale experiences Chapter 11: Chromite Chapter 12: Detoxification and resource recovery of chromium-containing wastes Chapter 13: Asbestos: resource recovery and its waste management Chapter 14: Resource potential of natural and synthetic gypsum waste Chapter 15: Metalliferous waste in India and knowledge explosion in metal recovery techniques and processes for prevention of pollution Chapter 16: Resources recovery from wastewater based on extracellular electron transfer Chapter 17: Acid Mine Drainages from Abandoned Mines: Hydrochemistry, Environmental Impact, Resource Recovery and Prevention of Pollution Chapter 18: Restoration of Smelter Industrial Barrens through Pollution Reduction Drives Economic Recovery Chapter 19: Methods for utilization of red mud and its management Chapter 20: Thermal behavior of red mud and its beneficial use in glass-ceramic production Chapter 21: Clay minerals: Structure, chemistry, and significance in contaminated environments and geological CO2 sequestration Chapter 22: Zeolite for nutrient stripping from farm effluents Chapter 23: Natural and surfactant modified zeolite for the removal of pollutants (inorganic mainly) from natural waters and wastewaters Chapter 24: Treatment and reuse of incineration bottom ashes Chapter 25: Coal fly ash utilization for boron management in soils, plants, and waters Chapter 26: The crystallization of struvite and its analog (K-struvite) from waste streams for nutrient recycling Chapter 27: Phosphorus recovery from wastes

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