Renewable energy : economics, emerging technologies and global practices


    • Poullikkas, Andreas


Renewable energy : economics, emerging technologies and global practices

Andreas Poullikkas, editor

(Renewable energy : research, development and policies series)(Energy science, engineering and technology)

Nova Science Publishers, c2013

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"Nova Publishers"

Includes bibliographical references and index



Climate change and foreseen high fuel prices play an important role in the development of alternative energy sources. Renewable energy concerns the sources, which are not expected to be depleted in a time frame relevant to the human race. This new and important edited volume gathers the latest research from around the globe in the study of renewable energy sources and highlights such topics as economics, emerging technologies and global practices including energy policies. It provides an insight into the current trends in the field of renewable energy, which are expected to play an important role in future sustainable energy systems. It is not by any means exhaustive, nor is it intended to be, but provides an overview of current research advancements in the field. This edited volume can serve as a reference text for researchers in the field of sustainable energy systems including energy economics, energy planners, electric utility managers, energy regulators, consultants, policy makers and economists.


  • What Lessons Have Been Learned from Renewable Energy Policy & R&D Activities Failures in Japan
  • Supporting Decision Makers in Assessing Environmental Policy Instruments
  • Energy Mix, Intermittency of Renewables & the Electricity Export Drivers
  • Hydrogen Based Energy Storage
  • Green Nanotechnology for Renewable Energy
  • Stochastic Solutions for the Unit Commitment of Power Systems with Wind Power Generation
  • Evaluation Methodologies & Input Data for Offshore Wind Power Plant Topology Assessment
  • Exploitation of Olive Solid Waste for Energy Purposes
  • Electrification of Rural Areas using Renewable Energy Sources: Review of Best Practices Around the World
  • Technical, Economic & Mitigation Performance of Small-scale (<=1 kWe) Hydroelectric & Photovoltaic Water Pumping Systems Relative to Network Electricity in Rural Areas in the Southwest of Western Australia
  • Modeling the Carbonization Process to Develop a Cost-effective, Smokeless, Continuous, Down-draft Rice Husk Carbonizer Suitable for Rice Growing Regions
  • Index.

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