The changing global economy and its impact on international entrepreneurship


The changing global economy and its impact on international entrepreneurship

edited by Hamid Etemad ... [et al.]

(The McGill international entrepreneurship series)

E. Elgar, c2016

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The Changing Global Economy and its Impact on International Entrepreneurship addresses different changes and challenges that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) face in an economy where they need to compete at home and cannot refrain from participating in international markets. Contributors examine diverse SMEs that have succeeded in the face of adversity. They offer a combination of practical strategies and efficient tactics, grounded in solid theory and research, for firms in different competitive industries. This volume presents a collection of 12 carefully selected chapters that highlight challenging real-world cases to illustrate a variety of difficult problems. The editors present an analytical framework with three levels of analysis - entrepreneurial level, firm level, and institutional level - to document comprehensive, realistic and experientially-based entrepreneurial initiatives, potent firm and public policy strategies and informative and applicable results. The interactive structural design of this book offers progressively higher levels of analysis and incisive lessons, which make it perfect for academics interested in the rich range of theories, methodologies and topics surrounding SMEs' internationalization processes. Its analysis will also inform management and effective policy formulation for entrepreneurs, managers, and policymakers.


Contents: 1. Introduction Hamid Etemad PART I: EXAMINATION OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ORIENTATION-PERFORMANCE RELATIONS 2. International Entrepreneurship and Performance: What are the Important Factors in Markets with High Cultural Distance? Elena Cedrola, Loretta Battaglia and Anna Grazia Quaranta 3. Risk-seeking Behaviors in SMEs' Internationalization Noemie Dominguez 4. Psychological Traits, Experiences, Foreign Language Knowledge of Entrepreneurs, and Re-internationalization Strategies of SMEs: A Theoretical Analysis Huu Le Nguyen and Soren Kock PART II: COLLABORATIVE INTER-DEPENDENCE 5. The Dynamic Development of International Entrepreneurial Networks Vaiva Stanisauskaite and Soren Kock 6. The Influence of the Entrepreneur and the Accelerator in the Internationalization Process of Web-based Firms Diala Kabbara 7. Formal Inter-firm Cooperation and International Expansion: How Italian SMEs are Using the Network Contract Selena Aureli and Mara Del Baldo 8. How are Knowledge Acquisition and SMEs' Internationalization Related? Empirical Evidence from Gruppo Germani Mirella Migliaccio and Francesca Rivetti 9. Value Chain Activities in Born Global Companies Ingemar Wictor PART III: INSTITUTIONAL CONTEXT 10. The Creation and Internationalization of Border Firms Eva J.B. Jorgensen and Einar Rasmussen 11. Institutional Entrepreneurship and the Embedded Roles of the Leaders and State: An Historical Case Study of Abu Dhabi Jasem Almarri, Katarriina Juusola and John Meewella 12. Concluding Remarks, Implications and Lessons Hamid Etemad Index

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