George Moore : across borders


    • Huguet, Christine
    • Dabrigeon-Garcier, Fabienne


George Moore : across borders

edited by Christine Huguet and Fabienne Dabrigeon-Garcier

(DQR studies in literature, 51)

Rodopi, c2013

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Includes bibliographical references and index



A truly cosmopolitan Irish writer, George Moore (1852-1933) was a fascinating figure of the fin de siecle, moving between countries, crossing genre and medium boundaries, forever exploring and promulgating aesthetic trends and artistic developments: Naturalism in the novel and the theatre, Impressionism in painting, Decadence and the avant-garde, Literary Wagnerism, the Irish Literary Revival, New Woman culture. This volume on border-crossings offers a variety of critical perspectives to approach Moore's multifaceted oeuvre and personality. The essays by contributors from various national backgrounds and from a wide range of disciplines establish original points of contact between literary creation, art history, Wagnerian opera, gender studies, sociology, and altogether reposition Moore as a major representative of European turn-of-the-century culture.


List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Christine Huguet and Fabienne Dabrigeon-Garcier: Introduction Exploring Artistic Borders Christine Huguet: The Prima Donna and the Convent: Border Crossings in Evelyn Innes and Sister Teresa Stoddard Martin: George Moore and Literary Wagnerism: A Revisitation Fabienne Gaspari: Painting and Writing in Moore's Confessions of a Young Man, Lewis Seymour and Some Women, and A Drama in Muslin Isabelle Enaud-Lechien: Moore and Whistler: Writer and Painter at Loggerheads Marie-Claire Hamard: Max the Caricaturist and Moore: Crossing the Boundaries of Friendship Authorship and Authority Adrian Frazier: George Moore and Collaborative Authorship Eamonn R. Cantwell: Crossing Borders: Moore and Yeats in the Theatre Alain Labau: George Moore: A Man of Letters on the Margins of Reality Michel Brunet: "Mais qui voudrait me lire en francais?": Reading George Moore's Letters to Edouard Dujardin Grafts and Transplants Ann Heilmann and Mark Llewellyn: The Quest for Female Selfhood in Evelyn Innes and Sister Teresa: From Wagnerian Kunstlerroman to Freudian Family Romance Mary Pierse: "No More than a Sketch" Konstantin Doulamis: Ancient Greece and the Art of Storytelling in George Moore's Aphrodite in Aulis Spaces and the Subject Elizabeth Grubgeld: Framing the Body: George Moore's "Albert Nobbs" and the Disappearing Realist Subject Nathalie Saudo-Welby: "The Soul with a False Bottom" and "The Deceitful Character": Analysing the Servant in the Goncourts' Germinie Lacerteux and George Moore's Esther Waters Michele Russo: Spatial Metaphors and Liminal Elements in Esther Waters Fabienne Dabrigeon-Garcier: "A Letter Came into His Mind": Fictional Correspondence in The Lake Select Bibliography Notes on Contributors Index

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