Science, information, and policy interface for effective coastal and ocean management


    • MacDonald, Bertrum H.


Science, information, and policy interface for effective coastal and ocean management

edited by Bertrum H. MacDonald, Suzuette S. Soomai, Elizabeth M. De Santo, Peter G. Wells

CRC Press, 2016

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This book provides a timely analysis of the role that information-particularly scientific information-plays in the policy-making and decision-making processes in coastal and ocean management. It includes contributions from global experts in marine environmental science, marine policy, fisheries, public policy and administration, resource management, risk management, and information management. The book is divided into four sections that provide focused analyses, including * An overview of the characteristics of the science-policy interface, including a discussion of the role of scientific information in policy making and an argument that the term "science-policy interface" is inaccurate due to the existence of many possible interfaces * Descriptions of fundamental concepts and principles for understanding the role of information in effective integrated coastal and ocean management * National and international case studies that illustrate key factors in successful science-policy interfaces, such as awareness, communication, and use of information * Critical issues and future research challenges The book also explores the different types of science-policy interfaces existing within and between different organizations, as well as the various roles that different types of non-governmental organizations play in producing and disseminating information. Science, Information, and Policy Interface for Effective Coastal and Ocean Management presents a wealth of knowledge that enhances current best practices to achieve more effective communication and use of marine environmental information. Useful to all major groups in the policy-making process, from senior policy- and decision-makers to practitioners in coastal and ocean management, it helps to increase understanding of catalysts and barriers to communicating research findings. It also serves as a starting point for further research and progress in efficient marine environment management.


INTRODUCTION Introduction Bertrum H. MacDonald, Suzuette S. Soomai, Elizabeth M. De Santo, and Peter G. Wells Understanding the Science-Policy Interface in Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management Bertrum H. MacDonald, Suzuette S. Soomai, Elizabeth M. De Santo, and Peter G. Wells FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS AND PRINCIPLES Exploring the Role of Science in Coastal and Ocean Management: A Review Brian Coffey and Kevin O'Toole Science Information and Global Ocean Governance Jake Rice Risk Refined at the Science-Policy Interface: The International Risk Governance Framework Applied to Different Classes of Coastal Zone Risks Kevin Quigley and Kate Porter Governing the Marine Environment through Information: Fisheries, Shipping and Tourism Hilde M. Toonen and Arthur P. J. Mol Inducing Better Stakeholder Searches for Environmental Information Relevant to Coastal Conservation Diana L. Ascher and William Ascher When Scientific Uncertainty Is in the Eye of the Beholder: Using Network Analysis to Understand the Building of Trust in Science Troy W. Hartley Designing Usable Environmental Research Elizabeth C. McNie, Angela Bednarek, Ryan Meyer, and Adam Parris The Balancing Act of Science in Public Policy Peter Gluckman and Kristiann Allen Measuring Awareness, Use, and Influence of Information-Where Theory Meets Practice Suzuette S. Soomai, Peter G. Wells, Bertrum H. MacDonald, Elizabeth M. De Santo, and Anatoliy Gruzd CASE STUDIES What Do Users Want from a State of the Environment Report? A Case Study of Awareness and Use of Canada's State of the Scotian Shelf Report James D. Ross and Heather Breeze The Environmental Effects of Ocean Shipping and the Science-Policy Interface Elizabeth R. DeSombre Just Evidence: Opening Health Knowledge to a Parliament of Evidence Janice E. Graham and Mavis Jones Information Matters-The Influence of the Atlantic Coastal Zone Information Steering Committee on Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management in Atlantic Canada Andrew G. Sherin and Alexi Baccardax Westcott A Career-Based Perspective of Science-Policy Linkages in Environment Canada: The Role of Information in Managing Human Activities in Our Ocean Spaces Peter G. Wells Bridging the Science-Policy Divide to Promote Fisheries Knowledge for All: The Case of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Lahsen Ababouch, Marc Taconet, Julian Plummer, Luca Garibaldi, and Stefania Vannuccini Informing and Improving Fisheries Management Outcomes: An Atlantic Canadian Large Pelagics Case Study by the Ecology Action Centre Susanna D. Fuller, Kathryn E. Schleit, Heather J. Grant, and Shannon Arnold THE WAY FORWARD Does Information Matter in ICOM? Critical Issues and the Path Forward Elizabeth M. De Santo, Suzuette S. Soomai, Peter G. Wells, and Bertrum H. MacDonald

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