The science and function of nanomaterials : from synthesis to application


    • Harper-Leatherman, Amanda S.
    • Solbrig, Camille M.


The science and function of nanomaterials : from synthesis to application

Amanda S. Harper-Leatherman, Camille M. Solbrig, editor[s]

(ACS symposium series, 1183)

American Chemical Society , Distributed in print by Oxford University Press, c2014

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Includes bibliographical references and index

"The Nanoscience Symposium held at NERM 2013"--Pref.



Nanoscience and nanotechnology have functioned as effective "buzzwords " for at least a decade due to the unique properties that materials possess on the nanometer scale. The interest in nanoscience and nanotechnology is so great and so widespread that these topics are even being introduced at the K-12 level in some school districts. Nanoscience and nanotechnology have already improved many applications and have the potential to continue to do so, making it important for all types of scientists to stay up-to-date on research related to nanomaterials. In the first section of this book, a variety of synthetic methods used to make or functionalize nanomaterials are presented with work related to mesoporous materials, semiconductor nanowires, graphene, and carbon nanotubes included. The second section of the book presents accounts of using nanotechnology and nanoscience in a variety of ways. Overall, this book presents a snapshot of research covering synthetic studies of nanomaterials to applications of nanomaterials.

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