Celestial mechanics and astrodynamics : theory and practice



Celestial mechanics and astrodynamics : theory and practice

[by] Pini Gurfil, P. Kenneth Seidelmann

(Astrophysics and space science library, 436)

Springer, c2016

  • : hardcover

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This volume is designed as an introductory text and reference book for graduate students, researchers and practitioners in the fields of astronomy, astrodynamics, satellite systems, space sciences and astrophysics. The purpose of the book is to emphasize the similarities between celestial mechanics and astrodynamics, and to present recent advances in these two fields so that the reader can understand the inter-relations and mutual influences. The juxtaposition of celestial mechanics and astrodynamics is a unique approach that is expected to be a refreshing attempt to discuss both the mechanics of space flight and the dynamics of celestial objects. "Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics: Theory and Practice" also presents the main challenges and future prospects for the two fields in an elaborate, comprehensive and rigorous manner. The book presents homogenous and fluent discussions of the key problems, rendering a portrayal of recent advances in the field together with some basic concepts and essential infrastructure in orbital mechanics. The text contains introductory material followed by a gradual development of ideas interweaved to yield a coherent presentation of advanced topics.


Introduction.- Vectors.- Reference Systems and Relativity.- Central Force Motion.- The Two-Body Problem.- Orbit Determination.- The n-Body Problem.- The Restricted Three-Body Problem.- Numerical Procedures.- Canonical Equations.- General Perturbations Theory.- Motion Around Oblate Planets.- Semianalytical Orbit Theory.- Satellite Orbit Control.- Optimal Impulsive Orbit Transfers.- Orbit Data Processing.- Space Debris.- People, Progress, Prospects.

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