Quality and change in teacher education : Western and Chinese perspectives


Quality and change in teacher education : Western and Chinese perspectives

Chi-Kin John Lee, Christopher Day, editors

(Professional learning and development in schools and higher education, 13)

Springer, c2016

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How teachers may be better educated for a changing global world is a challenge that faces many systems of education worldwide. This book addresses key issues of quality and change in teacher education in the context of the new public management achievement agendas which are permeating teacher education structures, cultures and programmes and the work of teacher educators internationally. Graduate schools of education in the United States and the UK, for example, are making fundamental changes in the structures, courses, programs and faculties that prepare beginning teachers each year. Drawing upon examples from the United States, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Australia and elsewhere, its authors provide a unique critical overview of emerging themes and challenges of raising the quality of teaching and the quality of student learning outcomes. They suggest possible ways forward for teachers, teacher educators, researchers and policy-makers as they seek to raise the quality of teaching and student outcomes whilst sustaining their moral purposes and values of equity, inclusion and social justice. Taken together, the chapters contain informed, critical discussions of "normal education" and "teacher education" of "professional standards", "4+2/+1" post-degree training, "PGDE versus BEd", integration of subject specializations and professional education. Each one provides new visions of the teacher as a professional and to cultivate high quality teachers in the West and the Greater China region. For all those interested in issues of quality, change and forward movement in teacher education in contexts of policy led reform, this is a must read.


1. Western and Chinese perspectives on quality and change in teacher education. John Chi-Kin Lee and Christopher Day.- 2. Teachers and the quality of education: Why resilience counts most in testing times. Christopher Day.- Section One: Quality in teacher education.- 3. Teacher education in the Greater China region: Status, issues and prospects. John Chi-Kin Lee and Huan Song.- 4. Status and quality of teacher education in the US: Neoliberal and professional tensions. Robert V. Bullough, Jr.- 5. What is high quality teacher education? David Imig, Donna L. Wiseman, Angela Wiseman and Scott R. Imig.- 6. Quality initial teacher education policy and practice in Australia and England: Past, present and possible futures. Anne Jasman.- 7. The need for stakeholder alignment on the future of teacher education in Australia. Brian J. Caldwell.- Section Two: Innovative and effective curriculum, teaching and assessment practices of teacher education.- 8. Different modes of field experience in teacher education programmes. May May-Hung Cheng and John Chi-Kin Lee.- 9. Initial teacher education curriculum and assessment of graduates in Australia. Diane Mayer, Andrea Allard, Julianne Moss and Mary Dixon.- 10. E-portfolio in pre-service teacher education: Sustainability and lifelong learning. Cher Ping Lim, John Chi-Kin Lee and Nan Jia.- 11. Preservice teachers' reflective Journaling: A way to know culture. Cheryl J. Craig, Yali Zou and Gayle Curtis.- 12. Internationalization in teacher education in the US: Innovative programs and practices to meet the global challenges of tomorrow's school. Reyes L. Quezada and Paula A. Cordeiro.- Section Three : Issues of managing change in teacher education.- 13. The idea of the normal university and the University of Education: Implications for a Confucian pedagogy. Ruth Hayhoe.- 14. Connecting higher education and schools: Partnership for capacity building and school improvement in England. Qing Gu.- 15. Accountability, standards and activism: A challenge or opportunity for teacher education. Judyth Sachs.- 16. Understanding professional knowledge of teaching and its importance to scholarship in teacher education. John Loughran.- 17. Quality teaching as a moral practice: Cultivating practical wisdom. Deborah L. Schussler and Peter C. Murrell, Jr.- 18. Teacher education, students with diverse needs and social-emotional education. Paul Cooper.- 19. Teacher education between two worlds: Past and future. Miriam Ben-Peretz and Tali Aderet-German.n>

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