Special educational needs : a guide for inclusive practice



Special educational needs : a guide for inclusive practice

edited by Lindsay Peer and Gavin Reid

SAGE, 2016

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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Previous edition: 2012

Includes bibliographical references and index



Covering contemporary policy issues, perspectives from practice and a range of common syndromes and barriers Special Educational Needs presents a wealth of information and guidance for students and professionals on how to achieve effective, inclusive practice. Second edition features include: * fully revised annotated further readings and links to useful websites; * a new chapter on Autism and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) * a new chapter on Down Syndrome * updated reference to legislation, including the SEND Code of Practice (2014) * updated case studies covering 0-18 age range This comprehensive course text is ideal for students, teachers, practitioners and specialists, and provides a solid foundation for understanding and supporting learners with additional needs.


1. Introduction - Gavin Reid and Lindsay PeerPART I: Policy, Practice and Provision2. Special and additional support needs in England and Scotland -current dilemmas and solutions - Sheila Riddell, Elisabet Weedon and Neville Harris3. The state of the research - compromise, consensus or disarray? - Elias Avramidis and Brahm Norwich4. Inclusion and special educational needs - a dialogic inquiry into controversial issues - Artemi Sakellariadis5. The potential impact and influence of the social model of disability - Charles WeedonPART II: Perspectives from Practice6. Speech and language - Janet O'Keefe and Janet Farrugia7. Auditory processing disorder - Tony Sirimanna8. Developmental co-ordination disorder and dyspraxia from an occupational therapist's perspective - Jane Abdullah9. Vision and learning - Keith Holland and Clare Holland10. Good practice in training specialist teachers and assessors of people with dyslexia - Sheena Bell and Bernadette McLean11. Literacy - Margaret Crombie12. Mathematics learning difficulties and dyscalculia - Steve ChinnPART III: Syndromes and Barriers13. Students with Down syndrome in inclusive classrooms: Using evidence-based practices - Iva Strnadova and David Evans14. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (or hyperkinetic disorder) - Richard Soppitt15. Visual impairment and mainstream education: beyond mere awareness raising - John Ravenscroft16. Students with hearing loss - Jill Duncan17. Autistic spectrum disorder: challenges, issues and responses - Gavin Reid, Sionah Lannen and Colin Lannen18. Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) Treatment and Research - Jo-Ann Page19 Understanding Tourette syndrome - Judy BarrowPART IV: Working Together20. The role and perspectives of practitioner educational psychologists - Kevin Woods21. Expert Evidence: Changes in the Law - John Friel22. Parents' perspectives - Gavin Reid, Lindsay Peer, Susan Strachan and Jo-Ann Page

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