New dramaturgies



New dramaturgies

series editors, Cathy Turner, Synne Behrndt

Palgrave Macmillan




This series seeks to develop understanding of dramaturgy as a contemporary field, in dialogue with its rich and varied past. The prefix 'new' invites authors to pay attention to the expansion or re-framing of dramaturgy in relation to contemporary contexts, rather than implying a requirement to replace 'old' with 'new', or to offer a programmatic approach to the definition and practice of dramaturgy.The series will comprise two strands: * Course texts which encompass fresh and original research insights on key themes related to dramaturgy, at an accessible level for students and non-experts; * More specialized work which includes a higher level of theorisation.The books in this series will, for example: look at the dramaturgical implications of new media, globalisation and forms of spectatorship; draw on an 'expanded' use of dramaturgical analysis to examine the relationship between theatrical performance and other disciplines; discuss dramaturgical practice and theory, across a range of perspectives and geographies. Aims of the series:*To foster international dialogue and exchange, extending understanding of the complex contexts of dramaturgy and embracing its diversity and scope*To examine and deploy dramaturgical thinking as a productive analytical and practical approach to performance criticism as well as performance-making*To offer theoretical discussion of dramaturgy as a field*To investigate the relationship between idea and form in contemporary practice, including practice-as-research*To discuss emerging areas of contemporary performance practice that produce new dramaturgies or re-contextualise existing approaches*To provide English-language texts for teaching dramaturgy in Higher Education*To build on existing overviews of dramaturgy and of contemporary performance practice to discuss specific aspects of dramaturgy in detail, applying historical and theoretical rigour

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