Understanding and interpreting accounts in a week


Understanding and interpreting accounts in a week

Roger Mason

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Quercus, 2016


Understanding & interpreting accounts in a week : make sense of financial statements in seven simple steps

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First published in Great Britain in 2013 by Hodder Education, this edition published in 2015 by John Murray Learning



Understanding accounts just got easier There has never been a time when managers have been more exposed to financial statements than they are today. Even if you are a non-financial manager, you will often be involved in budgeting and regular financial reporting. You are expected to understand the accounts put in front of you and to contribute to the analysis and interpretation of the figures. It is important that you understand the principles of analysing and interpreting accounts. You will then be able to deal with questionsabout the performance of your business and your customers' businesses. Understanding and Interpreting Accounts In A Week is written for managers who need to answer these questions. By setting aside a little time each day for a week, you will greatly increase your understanding of accounts and how to interpret them. - Sunday: The right approach - Monday: An introduction to accounts - Tuesday: The profit and loss account or income statement - Wednesday: The balance sheet or statement of financial position - Thursday: Using ratios to interpret accounts - Friday: Cash flow statement and group accounts - Saturday: The reports


: Sunday: The Right Approach : Monday: Introduction to published accounts : Tuesday: Income statement : Wednesday: Statement of Financial Position : Thursday: The remainder of a set of accounts : Friday: Cash and investment ratios : Saturday: In-depth work with public accounts

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