Adolescents and their music : if it's too loud, you're too old


Adolescents and their music : if it's too loud, you're too old

edited by Jonathon S. Epstein

(Routledge library editions, . Popular music ; v. 1)

Routledge, 2016, c1995

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Reprint. Originally published: New York : Garland Pub., 1994

Set ISBN for subseries "Popular music": 9781138194328

Includes bibliographical references and index



In this lively examination of youth and their relationship to music, first published in 1994, contributors cover issues ranging from the place of music in urban subculture and what music tells us about adolescent views on love and sex, to the political status of youth and youth culture.


1. Introduction: Misplaced Childhood: An Introduction to the Sociology of Youth and Their Music Jonathon S. Epstein 2. Rock: Youth and Its Music Deena Weinstein 3. The Political Status of Youth and Youth Culture Lawrence Grossberg 4. The Local Economy of Suburban Scenes Donna Gaines 5. Expendable Youth: The Rise and Fall of Youth Culture Deena Weinstein 6. Rock and Roll Is Here to Stray: Youth Subculture, Deviance, and Social Typing in Rock's Early Years Daniel Dotter 7. Secular Rituals in Popular Culture: A Case for Grateful Dead Concerts and Dead Head Identity Robert Sardiello 8. The Postmodernization of Rock and Roll Music: The Case of Metallica Joseph A. Kotarba 9. Redeeming the Rap Music Experience Venise Berry 10. Guerrilla Music: Avant-Garde Voice as Oppositional Discourse Thaddeus Coreno 11. Does Love Really Stink?: The 'Mean World' of Love and Sex in Popular Music of the 1980s Emily D. Edwards 12. Crowded Crushes at Two Rock Concerts: A Value-Added Analysis Jerry M. Lewis 13. Popular Music as a 'Social Cement': A Content Analysis of Social Criticism and Alienation in Alternative-Music Song Titles Amy B. Mohan and Jean Malone 14. Living on a Lighted Stage: Identity Salience, Psychological Centrality, Authenticity, and Role Behaviour of Semi-Professional Rock Musicians Scott A. Reid, Jonathon S. Epstein and D.E. Benson 15. Recent Theory and Research in the Sociology of Popular Music: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography Stephen B. Groce and Jonathon S. Epstein

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