A cultural history of the avant-garde in the Nordic countries 1950-1975


    • Ørum, Tania
    • Olsson, Jesper


A cultural history of the avant-garde in the Nordic countries 1950-1975

edited by Tania Ørum, Jesper Olsson

(Avant garde critical studies, v. 32)

Brill/Rodopi, c2016

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and index



A Cultural History of the Avant-Garde in the Nordic Countries 1950-1975 is the first publication to deal with the postwar avant-garde in the Nordic countries. The essays cover a wide range of avant-garde manifestations in arts and culture: literature, the visual arts, architecture and design, film, radio, television and the performative arts. It is the first major historical work to consider the Nordic avant-garde in a transnational perspective that includes all the arts and to discuss the role of the avant-garde not only within the aesthetic field but in a broader cultural and political context: The cultural politics, institutions and new cultural geographies after World War II, new technologies and media, performative strategies, interventions into everyday life and tensions between market and counterculture.


Preface Introduction Tania Orum The Post-War Avant-Garde in the Nordic Countries 1. Paradigmatic Images of Scandinavia Jesper Olsson Politics & Play - The Impure Arts of OEyvind Fahlstroem Rune Gade The Female Christ at the Stock Exchange Tue Andersen Nexo Biological Avant-Garde - Inger Christensen's det Birgitte Anderberg Images of Women Halldor Bjoern Runolfsson The Kitchen - An Offspring of Steina and Woody Vasulka 2. Cultural Politics and Institutions Christer Ekholm The Social Avant-Garde - The "Democratisation" of Literature in the Early 1960s in Sweden Tania Orum Culture Wars in Denmark Annika OEhrner The Moderna Museet in Stockholm - The Institution and the Avant-Garde Sanne Krogh Groth The Fylkingen Concert Society, 1950-1975 Tania Orum Self-Organisation in the Avant-Garde of the 1960s Fred Andersson Ake Hodell's Kerberos -A Case Study Kari Brandtzaeg Morten Krohg and Art's Oppositional Role Sanne Krogh Groth EMS - Elektronmusik Studio in Stockholm Thomas Hvid Kroman Sub-Publications from a Basement in Snaregade 6, Copenhagen - Arena Sub-Pub (1969-1970) Dossier/Little Magazines THroestur Helgason An Open Field of Play and Experimentation - The Little Magazine Birtingur Jesper Olsson Tvangs-Blandaren - Stuff in a Box Jesper Olsson Rondo and Gorilla - Magazine and Calendar Thomas Hvid Kromann Against Restrictions and Exclusions - For Expansion and Inclusions - The Little Magazine ta' (1967-1968) Thomas Hvid Kromann A Time Capsule from the Sixties - The Little Magazine ta' BOX (1969-1970) Thomas Hvid Kromann In the Service of the Revolution - The Little Magazine MAK (1969-1970) Sissel Furuseth Profil 1966-1969 - Triumph and Crisis of the Collective 3. New Cultural Geographies Harri Veivo Christian Dotremont's Logogrammes and Logoneiges - European Avant-Garde Inspired by Lapland Anna Johannsdottir Exile, Correspondence, Rebellion - Tracing the Interactive Relationship between Iceland and Dieter Roth Anneli Fuchs Galerie Kopcke - An Artist-Run Gallery in Copenhagen, 1958-1962 Soren Moller Sorensen Action Music! - Nam June Paik in Scandinavia, 1961 Arni Heimir Ingolfsson Clothing Irons and Whisky Bottles - Creating an Icelandic Musical Avant-Garde Danielle Kvaran Erro, or the Porousness of Borders Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen The Situationist Offensive in Scandinavia Halldor Bjoern Runolfsson SUM - The Flux in Iceland Peter van der Meijden Fluxus, Eric Andersen and the Communist East Janna Kantola Making Choices - Debatable Translations and Publication Policies of Finnish Cultural Magazines Aikalainen, Parnasso and Uusi Kirjallisuuslehti in the 1960s 4. New Technologies and New Media John Sundholm Chance and Play, or Marvellous Machines - A Forgotten Swedish Film Avant-Garde Jesper Olsson Radiophonic Poetry and a Blind Movie - OEyvind Fahlstroem's Sound Art Tania Orum The Medium is the Message - Danish Radio Experiments in the 1960s Jonas Ingvarsson What's Wrong with Billy Spafon? Tania Orum Concrete Poetry as a Sign of Technological Change in Society Jesper Olsson Collaborators in Art and Technology - The Case of Billy Kluver Jonas Ingvarsson The Case[y] of Husberg Tanja Tiekso Art Has Opened People's Eyes, Music People's Ears, and Computers People's Minds - Erkki Kurenniemi on Music and Technology Mikko Ojanen and Kai Lassfolk University of Helsinki Electronic Music Studio - Founding and Early Development Jesper Olsson The New Monument - Experimental TV and Remediation Tania Orum ABCinema and Super 8 Technology Kari Yli-Annala Visions Seen through Felt Boots - "The Carriers of the Fire" of Avant-Garde Art in the 1950s and 1970s in Finland Thomas Hvid Kromann Artists' Books in the 1960s Tania Orum Telephone Art Teddy Hultberg Fylkingen's Text-Sound Festivals, 1968-1974 Erling Kullberg The Detested Interval Music - On Per Norgard's Calendar Music as Interval Signal on TV 5. Performative Strategies Jesper Olsson "Hatila ragulpr pa fatskliaben" - Conceiving of Concrete Poetry Jesper Olsson Concrete Poetry as a Score for Performance - Bengt Emil Johnson's Old Man Drowning Peter van der Meijden The Festum Fluxorum in Copenhagen, 23-28 November 1962 Tania Orum To Play To-Day Merja Hottinen Experiment, Scam and Children's Games - The Finnish Media on Ken Dewey's Happenings in Finland, 1963-1964 Per Ringby Pistolteatern - Avant-Garde Performance and Political Theatre Annika OEhrner Yvonne Rainer and Robert Morris - An Evening of Talking and Dancing, 1964 Erik Exe Christoffersen Odin Teatret - Between Tradition and the Avant-Garde Magnus THor THorbergsson Leiksmidjan - Collaborating on a New Theatre Rasmus Graff Asger Jorn's Work in The Archive of the Revolution in Havana Karsten Wind Meyhoff Showtime! Notes on the Performance Practice of Per Hojholt Birgitte Anderberg Performing Feminism - Kirsten Justesen Mette Mortensen A Borderline Case - Facial Politics in Kjartan Slettemark's The Passport 6. Interventions into Everyday Life Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen Raping the Whole World in a Warm Embrace of Fascination - Drakabygget's Anti-Authoritarian Artistic Endeavours Sven-Olov Wallenstein 1966 - Thinking the City Lars Bang Larsen True Rulers of Their Own Realm - Political subjectivisation in Modellen - En modell foer ett kvalitativt samhalle Jonas (J) Magnusson Jarl Hammarberg's Concrete Poetry and Collective Books Ingvild Krogvig Linguistic Leakage in the Landscape - Early Land Art in Norway Lars Bang Larsen Kanonklubben - The Oslo Trip and The Garden Christine Buhl Andersen The Avant-Garde in Public Space - Two Danish Examples Elisabeth Friis and and and - A Device of One's Own - Reproductive Parataxis in Rex, Thorup and Akesson Malene Woltmann Christiana - Utopia Realised? Stig Jarl and Laura Luise Schultz A Sensuous Dramaturgy of Intervention - Solvognen (The Sun Chariot), Copenhagen, 1969-1983 Ingvild Krogvig Viggo Andersen's Vigelandsinstallasjon - The History of a Forgotten Anti-Monument 7. Avant-Garde between Market and Counterculture Vibeke Petersen Gether Gunnar Aagaard Andersen - Commercial Design and Experimental Art Jens Tang Kristensen Angli Avant-Gardism - Paul Gadegaard's Art Project in Herning, Denmark Lars Bukdahl Vagn is Also a Bit of a Soft Drink - Vagn Steen's Advertisements for Himself and Concrete Poetry, 1964-1969 Jesper Olsson The Artist on Holiday, or "L'art pour l'or", or Some Conceptual Investments of Carl Fredrik Reutersward Alf Arvidsson From Avant-Garde to Pop Culture to Alternative Scenes - The Case of Two Swedish Bands, Bla Taget and Trad, Gras & Stenar Harri Veivo Everyday High and Low - Finnish Avant-Garde Poetry of the 1960s Navigations in a Rapidly Changing Society Tania Orum The Rose Campaign - John Davidsen's Appropriation of Commercial Formats Lars Bang Larsen PUSS 1968-1973 Tania Orum Counterculture Benedikt Hjartarson "A Furious Girl from Rome" - Roska and the Mythography of Avant-Garde Bohemianism Trond Haugen "From Everyone to Everyone" - The Countercultural Little Magazine Dikt & datt David Thyren The Alternative Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden, 1975 Abstracts

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