A practical approach to civil procedure


A practical approach to civil procedure

Stuart Sime

Oxford University Press, c2016

19th ed

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Includes index



Trusted by generations of students and litigators, A Practical Approach to Civil Procedure is the perfect guide through the complex procedural requirements employed in the civil courts. Written by an expert in the field and co-editor of Blackstone's Civil Practice, the book provides a wide-ranging and detailed overview of the key statutory provisions, rules, practice directions, and case law which govern the various stages of a civil litigation claim, making it essential reading for students and newly-qualified litigators. Taking a thoroughly practical focus throughout, the book charts the progress of a typical civil litigation claim, from funding litigation and issuing and serving proceedings, through to trial, enforcement and appeal. Full coverage of alternative dispute resolution is also included. Relevant sample documentation is featured throughout and introduces the reader to the forms and documents which will be encountered in practice, while key point summaries featured at the end of chapters highlight the essential points covered. Updated annually, this nineteenth edition has been fully revised to incorporate coverage of ongoing changes in civil procedure, including developments to the rules and their impact on areas such as costs and funding. Online Resource Centre A range of web links to key related sources support students looking to read around the subject and develop their understanding.


1: Introduction 2: Funding litigation 3: The civil courts 4: Overriding objective and human rights 5: Pre-action protocols 6: Issuing and serving 7: Renewal of process 8: Part 8 claims and petitions 9: Low value road traffic accident claims 10: Alternative dispute resolution 11: Service outside the jurisdiction 12: Responding to a claim 13: Default judgment 14: Statements of case 15: Track allocation and case management 16: Costs management 17: Costs capping and protection 18: Requests for further information 19: Parties and joinder 20: Additional claims under Part 20 21: Limitation 22: Amendment 23: Interim applications 24: Summary judgment 25: Interim payments 26: Security for costs 27: Small claims track 28: Fast track 29: Multi-track 30: Striking out, discontinuance, and stays 31: Disclosure 32: Witness statements and affidavits 33: Hearsay 34: Admissions and documentary evidence 35: Experts 36: Offers to settle 37: Sanctions 38: Listing and pre-trial reviews 39: Trial 40: References to the Court of Justice of the European Union 41: Judgments and orders 42: Interim injunctions 43: Freezing injunctions 44: Search orders 45: Norwich Pharmacal and related disclosure orders 46: Costs 47: Qualified one-way costs shifting 48: Enforcement 49: Judicial review 50: Appeals

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