Neurology for the speech-language pathologist


Neurology for the speech-language pathologist

Wanda G. Webb

Elsevier, c2017

6th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



A clear, concise, and approachable writing style helps students understand neurology in the context of speech-language pathology. Supplemented by a wealth of new illustrations and learning features for students, this new edition helps to demystify this often-daunting subject matter. The 5th edition also introduces a new author, Dr. Richard Adler, who brings a fresh perspective and an impressive clinical background. Case studies and clinical applications in clinically oriented chapters provide you with realistic clinical applications. Presents complex information clearly in a concise, easy-to-understand manner. Clinical emphasis throughout makes this text valuable as you move into clinical practice - and prepare for the Praxis exam. Evolve companion website has vocabulary flashcards and study questions with answers so students can assess their knowledge. Key terms in each chapter and an end-of-text glossary give you easy access to accurate, concise definitions. NEW! Separate section on pediatric speech and language disorders, including a chapter on the developing brain. EXPANDED! Updated sections on neurodiagnostic and neuroimaging procedures, as well as childhood apraxia of speech, fluency disorders, Autism, and TBI. NEW! Updated discussion of the anatomy and function of the cerebellum gives you the most current information. UPDATED! Covers the latest neuroimaging research on anatomy, physiology, and disorders of speech-language. EXPANDED! Discusses the brain connectivity and the neural network underlying learning and language. EXPANDED! Addresses motor control for speech production so you stay in the know.


1. Introduction to Speech-Language Neurology 2. Organization of the Nervous System I 3. Organization of the Nervous System II 4. Neuronal Function in the Nervous System 5. Neurosensory Organization of Speech and Hearing 6. Neuromotor Control of Speech 7. The Cranial Nerves 8. Clinical Speech Syndromes of the Motor Systems 9. Central Language Mechanisms and Learning 10. Adult Disorders of Language 11. Pediatrics: The Developing Brain 12. Pediatric Clinical Speech Syndromes 13. Pediatric Disorders of Language

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