Airport finance and investment in the global economy


Airport finance and investment in the global economy

Anne Graham and Peter Morrell

Routledge, 2017

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While there are a multitude of publications on corporate finance and financial management, only a few address the complexity of air transport industry finance and scant attention has been given to airport financial management. This book deals exclusively with airport issues to rectify this. It does this with an analysis of the theoretical concepts relevant to the subject area combined with a detailed investigation of current practice within the industry. Airport Finance and Investment in the Global Economy bridges the gap between much academic research on airports published in recent years - lacking much managerial relevance - and real-world airport financial management. This is achieved by featuring expert analysis of contemporary issues specific to airport finance and funding strategies, illustrated by worked examples from a wide range of different countries to enhance understanding and create a global perspective. The book is designed to appeal to both practitioners and academics. Airport-specific topics include: performance measurement and benchmarking, valuation, tools for financial control and management, alternatives of financing, privatisation, competition and implications of economic regulation.


Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Airport Revenues and Costs Chapter 3. Financial Statements of Airports Chapter 4. Tools of Financial Management and Control Chapter 5. Airport Benchmarking Chapter 6. Valuation of Airports Chapter 7. Financing of Airports Chapter 8.Airport Privatisation Chapter 9. Airport Competition Chapter 10. Economic Regulation and Slot Allocation

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