Ecological integrity and global governance : science, ethics and the law


Ecological integrity and global governance : science, ethics and the law

Laura Westra

(Routledge research in environmental law)(Earthscan from Routledge)

Routledge, 2016

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It is increasingly argued that a focus on environmental sustainability is fundamental to effective and equitable governance, and ultimately for the good of mankind. This book argues that, in the face increasing environmental challenges, it is essential to recognise the role that ecological integrity has played, and must play, in governance for environmental sustainability in order to ensure the future survival of life on earth. Ecological integrity encompasses not only the necessity of respect for nature, but also the human right to a sound and healthy environment. The author shows that on this basis, acceptance of its primacy in law and governance is key to a sustainable and equitable future for all. The book presents a uniquely informed treatise on the term, its origins, evolution and position in current debates, exploring the conflicts which have so far prevented its acceptance. Written by a leading scholar on the subject, this book provides the most in-depth exposition of ecological integrity available to increase understanding of this crucial concept and encourage its adoption in governance and international law.


Introduction 1. Ecological Integrity between Ethics and Law 2. Integrity in Conflict 3. Integrity against Racism in Conflict Situations and Migrations 4. Air, Food and Water: Ecointegrity for the Survival of Present and Future Generations 5. Ecological Integrity as Basic Human Right and the Principle of the Common Heritage of Humankind 6. Ecologically Based Governance and the Future of Integrity 7. The Integrity of the Earth: A Moral and Legal Imperative for Survival

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