Last poems (1862) ; Works unpublished in EBB's lifetime ; Consolidated index


Last poems (1862) ; Works unpublished in EBB's lifetime ; Consolidated index

volume editors, Sandra Donaldson ... [et al.]

(The Pickering masters, . The works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning / general editor, Sandra Donaldson ; v. 5)

Routledge, 2016

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ISBN 9781138763975


A canonical Victorian writer and thinker, Barrett Browning personified the engaged intellectual. This edition provides a foundation for a complete analysis and interpretation of her works - and of Victorian Britain. The edition presents accurate and accessible texts of all her published literary works.

: set ISBN 9781851969005


A canonical Victorian writer and thinker, Barrett Browning personified the engaged intellectual. This edition provides a foundation for a complete analysis and interpretation of her works - and of Victorian Britain. The edition presents accurate and accessible texts of all her published literary works.


  • Volume 1 Works Published in EBB's Lifetime
  • Friends and Relatives
  • General Introduction
  • Bibliography Introduction to Poems (1856) Poems (1856) Dedication to my Father
  • Advertisement
  • A Drama of Exile
  • The Seraphim
  • Prometheus Bound
  • A Lament for Adonis
  • A Vision of Poets
  • The Poet's Vow
  • The Romaunt of Margret
  • Isobel's Child
  • The Romaunt of the Page
  • The Lay of the Brown Rosary
  • A Romance of the Ganges
  • Rhyme of the Duchess May
  • The Romance of the Swan's Nest
  • Bertha in the Lane
  • Lady Geraldine's Courtship
  • The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point
  • The Cry of the Children
  • A Child Asleep
  • The Fourfold Aspect
  • Night and the Merry Man
  • Earth and Her Praisers
  • The Virgin Mary to the Child Jesus
  • An Island
  • The Soul's Travelling
  • To Bettine
  • Man and Nature
  • A Sea-Side Walk
  • The Sea-Mew
  • Felicia Hemans
  • L E L 's Last Question Volume 2 Poems (1856), cont Crowned and Wedded
  • Crowned and Buried
  • To Flush, My Dog
  • The Deserted Garden
  • My Doves
  • Hector in the Garden
  • Sleeping and Watching
  • Sounds
  • [Sonnets] The Soul's Expression
  • The Seraph and Poet
  • Bereavement
  • Consolation
  • To Mary Russell Mitford
  • On a Portrait of Wordsworth by B R Haydon
  • Past and Future
  • Irreparableness
  • Tears
  • Grief
  • Substitution
  • Comfort
  • Perplexed Music
  • Work
  • Futurity
  • The Two Sayings
  • The Look
  • The Meaning of the Look
  • A Thought for a Lonely Death-bed
  • Work and Contemplation
  • Pain in Pleasure
  • Flush or Faunus
  • Finite and Infinite
  • An Apprehension
  • Discontent
  • Patience Taught by Nature
  • Cheerfulness Taught by Reason
  • Exaggeration
  • Adequacy
  • To George Sand. A Desire
  • To George Sand. A Recognition
  • The Prisoner
  • Insufficiency
  • Two Sketches H B I
  • [Two Sketches] A B II
  • Mountaineer and Poet
  • The Poet
  • Hiram Powers's Greek Slave
  • Life
  • Love
  • Heaven and Earth
  • The Prospect
  • Hugh Stuart Boyd. His Blindness
  • Hugh Stuart Boyd. His Death, 1848
  • Hugh Stuart Boyd. Legacies
  • [poems] The Lost Bower
  • A Song Against Singing
  • Wine of Cyprus
  • A Rhapsody of Life's Progress
  • A Lay of the Early Rose
  • The Poet and The Bird
  • The Cry of the Human
  • A Portrait
  • Confessions
  • Loved Once
  • The House of Clouds
  • A Sabbath Morning at Sea
  • A Flower in a Letter
  • The Mask
  • Calls on the Heart
  • Wisdom Unapplied
  • Memory and Hope
  • Human Life's Mystery
  • A Child's Thought of God
  • The Claim
  • Song of the Rose
  • A Dead Rose
  • The Exile's Return
  • The Sleep
  • The Measure
  • Cowper's Grave
  • The Weakest Thing
  • The Pet-Name
  • The Mourning Mother
  • A Valediction
  • Lessons from the Gorse
  • The Lady's Yes
  • A Woman's Shortcomings
  • A Man's Requirements
  • A Year's Spinning
  • Change upon Change
  • That Day
  • A Reed
  • The Dead Pan
  • A Child's Grave at Florence
  • Catarina To Camoens
  • Life and Love
  • A Denial
  • Proof and Disproof
  • Question and Answer
  • Inclusions
  • Insufficiency
  • Sonnets from the Portuguese
  • Casa Guidi Windows
  • Appendix I. 1844/5 Prefaces to Poems
  • Appendix II. Tables of Contents to Book-Length Publications Volume 3 Critical Introduction Reviews of Aurora Leigh Textual Introduction Aurora Leigh (1859) Dedication
  • Book I
  • Book II
  • Book III
  • Book IV
  • Book V
  • Book VI
  • Book VII
  • Book VIII
  • Book IX
  • Notes Volumes 4 Introduction Works not included in Poems The Battle of Marathon (1820)
  • Stanzas Excited by Some Reflections on the Present State of Greece
  • Thoughts Awakened by Contemplating a Piece of Palm which grows on the summit of the Acropolis at Athens
  • The Rose and the Zephyr
  • An Essay on Mind, with Other Poems (1826): Preface, An Essay on Mind, To My Father on His Birth-Day, Spenserian Stanza, Verses to My Brother, Stanzas on the Death of Lord Byron, Memory, To ___, Stanzas ['Occasioned by a passage in Mr Emerson's Journal'], The Past, The Prayer, On a Picture of Riego's Widow, Song, The Dream, Riga's Last Song, The Vision of Fame
  • Irregular Stanzas
  • Who Art Thou of theVeiled Countenance
  • Kings
  • The Pestilence
  • from Prometheuss Bound, and Miscellaneous Poems (1833): Preface, Prometheus Bound, The Tempest, A Sea-side Meditation, A Vision of Life and Death, Earth, The Picture Gallery at Penshurst, To a Poet's Child, Minstrelsy, To the Memory of Sir Uvedale Price, Bart, The Autumn, The Death-Bed of Teresa del Riego, To Victoire, on Her Marriage, To a Boy, Remonstrance, Epitaph, The Image of God, The Appeal, Idols, Hymn, Weariness
  • A Thought on Thoughts
  • from The Seraphim and Other Poems (1838): Preface, The Little Friend, The Student, Stanzas ['I May Sing'], The Young Queen, Victoria's Tears, Vanities, A Supplication for Love, Hymn I, The Mediator, Hymn II, The Weeping Saviour, Hymn III
  • A Night-Watch by the Sea
  • Queen Annelida and False Arcite (including 'The Complaint of Annelida to False Arcite') from The Poems of Geoffrey Chaucer, Modernized
  • Translations of Three Hymns by Gregory Nazianzen
  • Some Account of the Greek Christian Poets
  • The Book of the Poets. Scott, Webster and Geary
  • Review of Wordsworth's Poems, Chiefly of Early and Late Years
  • Contributions to Schloss's English Bijou Almanack for 1843: The Duchess of Orleans, Introductory Stanzas
  • Review of R H Horne's Orion
  • The Maiden's Death
  • 'American Poetry': Review of Cornelius Mathews's Poems on Man Works Published after Aurora Leigh Poems Before Congress (1860): Preface, Napoleon III. In Italy, The Dance, A Tale of Villafranca told in Tuscany, A Court Lady, An August Voice, Christmas Gifts
  • Italy and the World, A Curse for a Nation Volume 5 Introduction Works Published after Aurora Leigh, cont Last Poems: Little Mattie, A False Step, Void in Law, Lord Walter's Wife, Bianca Among the Nightingales, My Kate, A Song for the Ragged Schools of London, May's Love, Amy's Cruelty, My Heart and I, The Best Thing in the World, Where's Agnes?, De Profundis, A Musical Instrument
  • [Political Poems] First News from Villafranca, King Victor Emanuel Entering Florence, The Sword of Castruccio Castracani, Summing Up in Italy, "Died...", The Forced Recruit, Garibaldi, Only a Curl, A View Across the Roman Campagna, The King's Gift, Parting Lovers, Mother and Poet, Nature's Remorses, The North and The South
  • Paraphrases: Paraphrase on Theocritus: The Cyclops
  • Paraphrases on Apuleius: Psyche Gazing on Cupid, Psyche Wafted by Zephyrus, Psyche and Pan, Psyche Propitiating Ceres, Psyche and the Eagle, Psyche and Cerberus, Psyche and Proserpine, Psyche and Venus, Mercury Carries Psyche to Olympus, Marriage of Psyche and Cupid
  • Paraphrases on Nonnus: How Bacchus Finds Ariadne Sleeping, How Bacchus Comforts Ariadne
  • Paraphrase on Hesiod: Bacchus and Ariadne
  • Paraphrase on Euripides: Antistrophe
  • Paraphrases on Homer: Hector and Andromache, The Daughter of Pandarus, Another Version
  • Paraphrase on Anacreon: Ode to the Swallow
  • Paraphrases on Heine Works Unpublished in EBB's Lifetime 1812-14: On the Cruelty of Forcement to Man 159, On Early Rising, 'Ye lovely lilies of the vale', 'Near to a shady wood where Fir trees grew', 'Ah! Virtue - come my steps to stay', 'Loft on the top of that high hill', 'Upon the boundaries of a loft y wood', 'Oh! thou! whom Fortune led to stray', 'Soft as the dew from Heaven descends', 'Soft were the murmurs of the gentle rill', 'Its golden plumage glittered on its breast'
  • 1814: To my dearest Papa 27th April 1814, On the return of the fine Season, Occasioned by a fall of Snow, In imitation of 'Pity the sorrows of a poor old man', Sent to Mama on 1st May 1814, The Hermit, To Flora, On an Eruption of Mount Etna! -, To the Fishing Net Written the Morning the Pond was drawn at Hope End. 10th May 1814, 'Mine's the sweet home in yonder cell', An Epistle to Henrietta, 'Wild were the winding[s] of the stream', To Baby, Addressed to dearest Papa on his birthday upon the recovery of little Arabella, from a dangerous illness, Upon the Rose blowing after the Lilly, 'Oh virtues gone, sweet virtue flies', On Visiting Matlock - Derbyshire, To her Uncle Sam, with her Poetry-, 'Fair Emma pluckt the sweet carnation', A Song, On first seeing the Sea at Tynemouth, The Beggar Boys petition to little Sam, On a Ship being lost at Tynemouth, Ah! now, stern winter's chilling blast returns', An Epistle to dearest Papa in London, 'Down in a Vale, a little cottage stood', 'Fair and chrystal is the Spring', Prologue, First French Lines, On hearing Catalani Sing at Newcastle, Sebastian or The Lost Child, The Way to humble Pride, Disobedience, After a Shower of Rain, 'Oh Virtue sweet, Oh beauteous Truth', 'Far along a rugged wood', 'By a large and spacious plain', Hannibal's Passage of the Alps, 'By the side of a hill hollow', 'As I wandered along thro' a Wood', 'Down in a Vale a cottage rose', 'In a Vale a lilly droops', The Seasons. Spring
  • 1815: 'Grateful Sleep returning spring', Aurora, To Little Sam on his Birthday, [Th e Seasons:] Summer, On Mr Bell's Sickness at Hope End, To Mama Hope End 23rd March 1815, 'A King is a Man, the same as the Beggar', Of Prophecy, An Address to Truth, 'Amid the secret windings of a grove', On the first of May - Mama's birthday - 1815, On the Clock put up at Hope End, On Papa's birth day May 28th 1815, To Mama, On Morning [first version], 'Where can happiness be found?'
  • 1816: To Summer, On Poverty, To Flora, On a rose being pulled on a dewy morning 1815, The Muse, 'Come forth thou blessed strain of poetry', To Mama and Papa, Untitled [Morning November, 1816], To Spring, On Morning [second version], To Dearest Henrietta On her birthday, To Evening, 'See that rock which o'er looks the turbulent deep', 'Look up that mountain's craggy steep', To My Dearest Papa On His Birthday [including notes: 'Accept my gift !' and 'May flowery gales'], 'In one of the hottest Evenings of June', 'The dark grey clouds have passed horizon', Hymn to the tune of the 4th psalm, The Cathedral, 'Soyez satisfaite, To my Dearest Brother Edward, Julia or Virtue. A Novel, To dearest Storm on his birth day, The False triumph of Romulus, To Pity, Regulus, After the Farce of Hamlet, 'From the blest sea with a majestic pull', A Song
  • 1817: To my Dearest Henrietta, To my dearest Mama, The Sorrows of the Muses, Charades, To the Memory of Sir William Button the favorite pug dog of Miss Graham Clarke, Address to Lord Somers, On having seen Kean in Othello, 'Youthful Minstrels of the sky', On the death of the Princess Charlotte, To dearest Charles John
  • 1818:'The little waves murmured as they kissed the pebbles', A Fragment - In imitation of Sterne, To our dearest pet Henrietta, A Vision An Allegory, With an Offering of a Book of Prayer To the Communion table of Colwall Church, To my dearest dear Mama on her birthday, To my dearest Papa on his birth day, 'Here stay my wandering steps', 'One lamp & one only', To my dearest Bro, alias Edward, on his Birth day, To my sweetest Pudding alias George Goodin on his birth day, Address to Poetry, A Fragment Written in four minutes, On the Moon, 'High on her pedestal Epione stands', For Sale, Lines on the death of Sir S Romilly, To our beloved Storm On his birth day, Lines Extempore on taking my last farewell of the statue of Hygeia at Cheltenham, Charles de Grandville, Addles, Ba, Bro, Impromptu on a Candlestick, Mary Barrett, Mary Maddox, Minny, Papa, 'Sweet is the perfume of apples & shaddocks'
  • 1819: To dear Sam on his Birthday, On Night A Fragment, Visions, To Peace, To the Rigt Revd Dr Harry Parry Barrett, On putting Hooker under my pillow at night, To myself, 'Ye Muses warbling in melodious spells', To my dearest Uncle Sam on his birthday, Morning Prayer, 'I am a gaudy dazzling thing', Ode to my dearest Mama On her birthday, First Greek Ode, To Summer, On Thompson's Spas Cheltenham, Ode to Gladness on dearest Papa's birthday, To Dearest Fanny on receiving from her an apron of exquisite workmanship, Charades, A Journal of the adventures of our journey From Hope End to Worthing written in the carriage June 19, Socrates, The Tragedy of Laodice, Eudocia. In imitation of Lord Byron, On leaving Hope End for Worthing, Oram - A Fragment, On English Composition, 'The object of Poetry', 'Heavenly bodies', Translations from Cicero, A welcome for sweetest Bum to Hope End, Translation from Dante, Inferno
  • 1820: To be opened every New Years day, 'Joys but a rainbow', To my beloved Sam on his birthday with appologies for haste, Ode to my beloved Henrietta on her birthday, Ode to my dearest Mama on her happy birth day, To my dearest Papa on his welcome birthday, Die natali patris Carissimi, Ode to my beloved Arabel, To my sweetest George Goodin On his Birthday, Ode on my sweet Henry's birthday, To my beloved Storm, On the silence of the lyre of Moore, Translation of part of Horace's 9th satire, A Vision (Extempore), Princess Caroline of Brunswick, 'Though I am unable to swell into the sublime standard of Ciceronian eloquence', Letters to Homer, Socrates and Pindar
  • 'Esop's Fables', On Ancient and Modern Literature, A Fragment of my thought, Written in Anguish of Bidding Farewell to my Beloved Bro, Bro's Lament over a pocket handkerchief, The vision of Epicurus
  • 1821: Translations from Anacreon: 'Nature gave horns to bulls, & hoofs to horses', 'Fain would I sing, '"Anacreon," the ladies say'
  • Reflections arising from the contemplation of the philosophical doctrines of Optimism, Perfectibility and Agathism
  • Translations from Homer's Iliad: Book I, ll. 1-12, Book I, ll. 1-36, Book I, ll. 37-61, Book XXIV, c. ll. 550-602
  • Ode to my dearest Addles On her birthday March 4th1821
  • Ode to my ever dearest Sam on his birthday March 31st1821, Ode To my dearest Mama on her birthday, Ode To my dearest Alfred On his birthday, Ode To my beloved Papa On his birthday, Letter to the editor of the Literary Gazette
  • 1822: 'Leila' and 'The Enchantress':Leila: A Tale, dedication, Leila: A Tale, The Enchantress
  • The African: A Poem in Two Cantos, My beloved Sister [Dear]est Henrietta on her birthday, Translation of a part of Horace's 'Ars Poetica', Addressed to my beloved Storm, Fragment of 'An Essay on Woman', Song, Defence of the Bishop of Worcester's Objection to Mr Lockes assertion 'that possibly we shall never be able to know whether any mere material Being thinks or no', Song
  • 1823: To my dearest Mama. On her birthday, To dear Alfred, On his birthday, To my ever dearest Papa On his birthday, Dialogue entre le Roi d'Espagne & l'Armee de la Foi, qui lui demande tres humblement une Constitution de sa facon, un Code Ferdinand, Translation of Hippolitus Pindemonde description of an English park
  • 1824: Playbill & prologue: R B Sheridan's Pizarro, 'All the players are dressed', 'I sent a message to the muse', Stanzas, 'A while ago, & we were not', The Suliot boy to the Seraskier, Lines on the Death of Lord Byron, Hymns Sung on the occasion of the annual sermon for the benefit of the Sabbath School, A Thomsoni
  • 1825: 'Fortune-telling' To my dearest Henrietta On her birthday, To My Beloved Papa On his Birthday, On literature
  • 1826: My beloved Papa's birthday, Meditations, 'Underneath uproar over gentle Damon', Translation of Gregory Nazianzen's Orations 38 and 29, Translation from Claudian
  • 1827: To Uvedale Price Esqr on his birthday, Dwarf Ode - to Occyta, The first of May. 1827, Scene. The Kiosk, The Statesman's funeral, The Poets' Enchiridion, 'The Lady Medora an heiress - beloved by Theon the poet', 'The poet finds Myrrha asleep in a ruined chapel'
  • 1828: To my beloved Mama
  • 1829: Translation of an extract from J J Barthelemy's Voyage ... of Anacharsis
  • 1830: The Reply of Malvern to the address of H S Boyd, Esqr, Translation of Thomas Warton's 'In Somnum'
  • 1831: Translation of Vittorelli's 'Sonnet on a Nun', On the Death of Thomas Hope Esqr , Preface, On Flowers, Prologue to a puppet show, The Poet's Record
  • 1832: 'To thee, acquaint with each', A Sunset
  • 1833: To Mary Hunter on her birthday, Sept 11th From her affectionate E B B, A True Dream, Lines Written by E B B in a page of a Copy of her Essay on Mind given by E M B to the Revd G B Hunter
  • 1835: 'Fieschi's Fate'
  • 1836: [Prose account of first meeting Wordsworth], 'Your lyrics found me dull as prose', 'The moon looks downward on the earth'
  • 1837: Epistle to a Canary
  • 1838: To E W C Painting my Picture
  • 1839: The Repose, The Gorse, Translations from Goethe: To favourers, The New Amadis, The Little Field Rose, The Convert, The muses', On the New-Year, The Lady, The young Gentleman, The Experienced, The Happy, Joyous Counsel, [A Coptic Song]: 'Let the learned', [Another Coptic Song]: 'Go! obey my beckon!', Prometheus, Anacreon's Grave, Ganymede, Limits of Humanity, The Brothers, The Divine, The Musagetes, The Singer, The violet, The Erl King, The fisherman, The King in Thule, The little flower of wonderful beauty. Song of the captive Count, Knight Curt's Marriage Journey [in part], The treasure digger, The Bride of Corinth [in part], Spring, Summer, Autumn, 'Stones! declare to me - o speak ye high palaces! -', Eagle and Dove, The Wander[er]
  • 1840: Translation from Plato's Symposium
  • 1841: 'To Pity whom I sought so long ago', 'A good man was there of religion', 'When Phoebus bright his chair of gold so high', Adam's Farewell to Eden, 'I knew her not - this lady - hither led'
  • 1842: The Queen in Scotland, Unused contributions for Schloss's English Bijou Almanac for 1843: Adelaide Kemble, Herr Dobler, To the King of Prussia, To the Prince of Wales, Samuel Rogers
  • 'Crown Her the Queen of the Hops', [The recollected version], The Medea of Euripides, From Wimpole Street Notebook: Translated from Zappi - to Pilli, 'Hearers, in broken rhyme, of echoes old' [Petrarch, Rime 1], 'The eyes I spake such ardent praises on' [Petrarch, Rime 292], 'How blessed be the day & month & year' [Petrarch, Rime 61], The Princess Marie, 'She was a fair countess', 'Didst thou hate my father . . mother?', 'The land of Sweden was a silent land', 'Rock me softly - softly mother', 'O pardon dear lady', 'When she, my sweet and faithful consolation' [Petrarch, Rime 359]
  • 'My lovely Dame! I see' [Petrarch, Rime 72], 'Pure waters, clear & still' [Petrarch, Rime 126], 'Depart in peace true mortal angel Dame' [from Petrarch, 'Triumph of Death'], 'Like motes in a broad sunshine I beheld', 'Italy! world's Italy'
  • 1843: 'My Sisters! Daughters of this Fatherland', 'There sate a lady in her hall', 'A yellow field flower is that runs to seed', The Lady of Lor
  • 1844: 'What is under the rose', To my friend, the Revd. G B H with my poems omitting his name, Translation from Balzac: The Young Girl's Song
  • 1845: [Aeschylus's Monodrama], From the Yale Poems and Sonnets Notebook, 'I die all day in Sylvia's adoration', 'One object of his fantasy', 'Once, o my charming fair', 'I dared to love', 'We are not equal . . thou & I', Maude Clarence, 'My young dear friend it is too late for ghosts -', 'Like to others n'ertheless my look'
  • 1846: Ballad, 'My death I love my life I hate & all for a lady sheen', Translation from Pietro d'Abano, From 1844-6 ('1849-61') Yale Notebook: 'In the land of free men', Translation from Theocritus: Epitaph on Hipponax, 'O sweet cruelties' [Petrarch, Rime 351], 'Merry England Merry England', 'I think the only thing in all the world', 'An old Greek poet chants on a viewless shore'
  • Translations of Anacreontic verse: Anacreontea, 'Best of painters I elect thee', 'Blessing on thee Grasshopper', 'I love to see a glad old man', 'In this shadow O Bathyllus', 'O love, the Muses bound him', 'Sweetest do not fly me', 'The earth drinks herself dark with the fast falling rain', 'When I drink the red red wine', 'Where Bacchus enters bright', 'If the leaves of every tree'
  • Translation from Hesiod, Shield of Herakles, Translation from Hesiod, Works and Days, Translation from Homer, Iliad, Translation from Dante, Inferno, A Ring, 'I see the flowers, I see the sun', Politian on Giotto, 'Italy - Italy - is it but a name'
  • 1852: Stabat Mater, Our Journey to Sinigaglia
  • 1855: "Twas the feast day of St John'
  • 1859: 'She was fifteen - had great eyes' Undated Items and Fragments Poetry: 'Fair poesy may here Her treasure store', 'Have any dreamt that when the cross', 'Here are deposited the remains of Henry Thrale', 'My child! my hope and art thou dead', 'Speak a truth shepherds? am I then not fair', 'Then did thou see thy country's much loved land', To dearest Henrietta (the same to me), 'You might be elated'
  • Verse Translations: Horace: A free translation of 9th ode. Lib. 3, From Latin: 'At the tomb of Virgil'
  • Prose Translations: The epitaph of Moschus on Bion, Translation from Plato, Dialogue between Criton and Socrates
  • Essays, Stories, Notes, Imitations: A Horse and a Stag, Friendship, 'I am not a mystag[og]ue', 'I am not unwilling to allow', 'It was a long time after the use of Greek writing', 'Perhaps, while refl ecting on the inhabitants of the moon', The Robber, 'Shall we keep the poor from them?'
  • Fragments (presented provisionally): 'But there the Alp-peak puts it by', Cleone, 'To which I answer - amen - let it be' Consolidated Index

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