Indian mathematics : engaging with the world from ancient to modern times


Indian mathematics : engaging with the world from ancient to modern times

George Gheverghese Joseph

World Scientific, c2016

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Includes bibliography and index



Indian Mathematics gives a unique insight into the history of mathematics within a historical global context. It builds on research into the connection between mathematics and the world-wide advancement of economics and technology. Joseph draws out parallel developments in other cultures and carefully examines the transmission of mathematical ideas across geographical and cultural borders.Accessible to those who have an interest in the global history of mathematical ideas, for the historians, philosophers and sociologists of mathematics, it is a book not to be missed.


  • Rewriting History of Indian Mathematics: Some Outstanding Issues
  • Indian Mathematics and World Mathematics: An Overview
  • The Harappa-Vedic Nexus: A Seamless Story or Two Separate Episodes?
  • Reaching Out to the World: The Buddhist and Jain Episodes
  • Down to Earth and Reaching for the Stars: The Bakhshali and the Siddhanthas
  • Heralding the Golden Age: Aryabhata I and Bhaskara I
  • Riding the Crest of a Wave: From Brahmagupta to Mahavira
  • The Five Hundred Years Climax: Bhaskaracharya and his Legacy
  • Navigating the Ocean of Mathematics: Narayana Pandita and Others
  • A Passage to Infinity: The Kerala School and its Contribution
  • Indian Trigonometry through the Ages
  • Outside the Sanskritic Tradition: Texts, Translations and Dissemination
  • Battle for the Minds and the Rise of Western Mathematics

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