The pedagogy of the social sciences curriculum


    • Halsall, Jamie
    • Snowden, Michael


The pedagogy of the social sciences curriculum

Jamie P. Halsall, Michael Snowden, editors

(International perspectives on social policy, administration, and practice)

Springer, c2017

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This far-sighted volume describes emerging trends and challenges in university-level social sciences education in an era marked by globalization, austerity, and inequity. It spotlights solution-focused and interdisciplinary methods of teaching, developed to match influential academic ideas, such as self-directed learning and learning in communities, as students seek to engage with and improve conditions in their immediate environments. Chapters offer real-world applications of foundational concepts in the modern practice of teaching, learning, and curriculum development. Accordingly, the editors emphasize the relationship between pedagogy and curriculum, as both are critical in encouraging student autonomyand promoting optimum academic and societal outcomes. Included in the coverage: * Towards a concept of solution-focused teaching: learning in communities. * Heutagogy and the emerging curriculum. * Collaborative working in the statutory and voluntary sectors. * Delivering a community development curriculum to students with multiple identities. * Photography and teaching in community development. * A model for change: sharing ideas and strategies. The Pedagogy of the Social Sciences Curriculum will inspire sociologists, social workers, and health and sociology educators to take a deeper role in community well-being as students, faculty, and communities collaborate to make lasting contributions to society.


Introduction.- Developing the curriculum: Issues and challenges for educators.- Teaching Practice: Solution Focused Teaching.- Teaching Practice: Mentor Assisted Learning.- Exploring the issues and identifying the challenge for educators.- Collaborative Working in the Statutory and Voluntary Sectors.- Community Methodologies.- A model for change: sharing ideas and strategies.- Establishing Excellence - accreditation and excellence.- Conclusion.

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