British cultural identities


British cultural identities

edited by Mike Storry and Peter Childs

Routledge, 2017

5th ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references and index



British Cultural Identities assesses the degree to which being British impinges on the identity of the many people who live in Britain, analysing contemporary British identity through the various and changing ways in which people who live in the UK position themselves and are positioned by their culture today. This new edition is updated to include discussion of key events and societal shifts such as the 2016 'Brexit' referendum, the 2015 British General Election, the growing emphasis on devolution, the 2012 Olympic Games, the new generation of royals, UKIP and the Euro crisis, the response to fundamentalism and the proliferation of social networking. Using examples from contemporary and popular culture, chapters cover a range of intersecting themes including: place and environment education, work and leisure gender, sex and the family youth culture and style class and politics ethnicity and language religion heritage. Accessible in style, illustrated with photographs, tables and timelines and containing discussion questions, cultural examples and suggestions for further resources at the end of each chapter, British Cultural Identities is the perfect introductory text for students of contemporary British society.


List of figures List of tables Preface List of contributors Introduction: the ghost of Britain past Mike Storry and Peter Childs 1 Places and peoples: region and nation Peter Childs 2 Education, work and leisure Mike Storry 3 Gender, sex, and the family Roberta Garrett 4 Youth culture and style Jo Croft 5 Class and politics Frank McDonough 6 Ethnicity and language Gerry Smyth 7 Religion Edmund Cusick and Mike Storry 8 Heritage Edmund Cusick and Mike Storry Conclusion: Britain towards the future Peter Childs Glossary Index

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