Impact of design research on industrial practice : tools, technology, and training


Impact of design research on industrial practice : tools, technology, and training

Amaresh Chakrabarti, Udo Lindemann, editors

Springer, c2016

  • : [hardcover]

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Showcasing exemplars of how various aspects of design research were successfully transitioned into and influenced, design practice, this book features chapters written by eminent international researchers and practitioners from industry on the Impact of Design Research on Industrial Practice. Chapters written by internationally acclaimed researchers of design analyse the findings (guidelines, methods and tools), technologies/products and educational approaches that have been transferred as tools, technologies and people to transform industrial practice of engineering design, whilst the chapters that are written by industrial practitioners describe their experience of how various tools, technologies and training impacted design practice. The main benefit of this book, for educators, researchers and practitioners in (engineering) design, will be access to a comprehensive coverage of case studies of successful transfer of outcomes of design research into practice; as well as guidelines and platforms for successful transfer of research into practice.


This author is an important author and is very keen to get his book published. Unfortunately he has not supplied a ToC, but I will contact him for more information. He has however provided a 'List of Invited Chapter Authors' (see below). From Academia: 1. Christian Weber, TU Ilmenau, Germany 2. Alain Bernard, Ecole Centrale Nantes, France 3. Bernard Yannou, Ecole Centrale, Paris 4. Francois Boujat, GSCOP, Grenoble, France 5. Pascal Le Masson, Ecole de Mines, Paris 6. Dorian Marjanovic, University of Zagreb, Croatia 7. Lucienne Blessing, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg 8. George Fadel, Clemson University, USA 9. Steve Eppinger, MIT, USA 10. Dan Frey, MIT, USA 12. Larry Leifer, Stanford University, USA 13. Steve Culley, University of Bath, UK 14. John Clarkson, University of Cambridge, UK 15. Rob Bracewell, University of Cambridge, UK 16. Chris McMahon, University of Bristol, UK 17. Tetsuo Tomiyama, Cranfield University, UK 19. Petra Badke-Schaub, TU Delft, Netherlands 20. Marco Cantamessa, Politecnico di Torino, Italy 21. Gaetano Cascini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy 23. Yasushi Umeda, Osaka University, Japan 24. Toshiharu Taura, Kobe University, Japan 25. Joachim Lloveras, University of Catalunya, Spain 26. Tim McAloone, DTU, Denmark 27. Margareta Norrell, KTH, Sweden 28. Tobias Larsson, Blekinge TH, Sweden 29. Asko Riitahuhta, TU Tampere, Finland 30. Martin Steinart, NTNU, Norway 31. Warren Seering MIT, USA From Industry: 33. Burkhard Wolf, Heidelberger Printing machines, Germany 34. Srinivasan Dwarakanath, Airbus, France 35. Josef Ponn - Hilti 36. Luc Felgen - BMW 37. Johann Grieb - BSH 38. Thomas Anton - Knorr Bremse 39. Michael Filous - MAN Diesel & Turbo 40. Thomas Meiwald - Schreiner 41. Christoph Jung - Schreiner 42. Daniel Fuchs - Faurecia 43. Ulrich Herfeld - Audi 44. Thomas Hessling - Knorr Bremse 45. Martin Pache - Westinghouse 46. Manuel Gerst - Gildemeister 47. Joachim Wulf - MTU 48. Beate Bender - Bombardier 49. Marc Demers - Seat 50. Gerd Assmann - Knorr Bremse 51. Antimos Giapoulis - Bruckner 52. Ralf Kleedoerfer - Sielaff 53. Ludwig Schwankl - BMW 54. Matthew Harnden - Bombardier Transport 55. Magnus Karlsson - Ericsson 56. Lars-Erik Nystroem - GE Healthcare 57. Kajsa Stridsberg-Friden - GE Healthcare 58. Susanna Lindman - GE Healthcare 59. Rob Farndon - Rolls Royce 60. Carla Pepe - Rolls Royce 61. Catharina Modahl Nilsson - Scania 62. Katarina Lund - Scania 63. Thomas Delven - Scania 64. Dan Aldridge - Zeiss UK

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