China's rise and changing order in East Asia


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China's rise and changing order in East Asia

David Arase, editor

(The politics and development of contemporary China series / series editors, Kevin Cai, Pan Guang, Daniel C. Lynch)

Palgrave Macmillan, c2016

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This book discusses the impact of China's rise on regional order at three levels: Sino-US relations, East Asia's contested sub regions and regional institutions. Sino-US relations provide a framework to examine macro-regional relations. In East Asia's contested sub regions-Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and the eastern Indian Ocean region-the author explores the crucial role regional powers and local states play in maintaining effective governance and stability. The author shows how regional institutions attempt to develop cooperation and shared norms that work toward regional community. The inclusion of leading experts from China, the US, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, and India gives this collection a unique viewpoint, and reveals how China's rise looks from inside and outside China, as well as inside and outside the region.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction Chapter 1: The Question of Regional Order in East AsiaDavid Arase II. China Rising Chapter 2: China and East Asian Cooperation: Fundamental Bottlenecks, Recent Problems, and New OrientationsShi Yinhong and Han Caizhen Chapter 3: Remapping Asia's Geopolitical Landscape: China's Rise, US Pivot, and Security Challenges for a Region in Power TransitionJingdong Yuan Chapter 4: Sino-U.S. Strategic Convergence and Divergence in East AsiaShi Bin Chapter 5: The United States and Challenges to East Asia's Security OrderWei Zongyou Chapter 6: How Stable Is China's Economy?Paul Armstrong-Taylor III. Northeast Asia Chapter 7: US-China Rivalry and South Korea's Strategy Chaesung Chun Chapter 8: Formation of Regional Community in East Asia: A Japanese Perspective Kazuhiko Togo Chapter 9: Reconstructing Sino-US Cooperation in North KoreaFan Jishe Chapter 10: Pathways to a Northeast Asian Energy RegimeGaye Christoffersen IV. Southeast Asia Chapter 11: ASEAN's Indispensible Role in Regional Construction Pham Quang Minh Chapter 12: South China Sea Disputes: Litmus Test for China's Peaceful Rise-How US Scholars View South China Sea IssuesXue Li Chapter 13: The ASEAN-Centered Cooperative Security Regime in AsiaDaljit Singh V. Indian Ocean Region Chapter 14: The China-India-US Engagement in the Asia-Pacific: Security Implications for East Asian RegionalismZhang Li Chapter 15: India's Growing Role in East AsiaMahendra Gaur and Sylvia Mishra

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