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William G. Doerner, Steven P. Lab

Routledge, 2017

8th ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 449-508) and index

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Victimology, Eighth Edition, shows how to transform the current criminal's justice system into a victim's justice system. Doerner and Lab, both well-regarded scholars, write compellingly about the true scope of crime victims' suffering in the United States. They lay out the sources of evidence available to victimology researchers. In later chapters, theory is woven together with the description of each topic and illustrated with specific examples. The second part of the book addresses the full impact of victimization. Part III, Types of Victimization, details specific problems ranging from violent crimes, child and elder abuse, and property crime to crime in the workplace. The authors emphasize their concern with the extent of criminal victimization, explain how obstacles hinder the pursuit of justice, and introduce the idea that reforms have rendered the system much more victim-friendly. Appropriate for undergraduate as well as early graduate students in Victimology courses in Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Sociology programs, as well as Justice Studies, this book offers an instructor's manual with a test bank, as well as PowerPoint lecture slides and a companion site with student resources.

Table of Contents

SECTION 1: DEFINITION AND SCOPE Chapter 1: The Scope of Victimology Chapter 2: Measuring Criminal Victimization SECTION 2: ADDRESSING THE IMPACT OF VICTIMIZATION Chapter 3: The Costs of Victimization Chapter 4: Remedying the Financial Impact of Victimization Chapter 5: Remedying the Non-Financial Impact of Victimization Chapter 6: Victim Rights SECTION 3: TYPES OF VICTIMIZATION Chapter 7: Traditional Crimes Chapter 8: Sexual Battery Chapter 9: Intimate Partner Violence Chapter 10: Child Maltreatment Chapter 11: Crime and the Elderly Chapter 12: Hate Crime Victimization Chapter 13: Victimization at School Chapter 14: Victimization at Work

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