Constitutional and administrative law


Constitutional and administrative law

John Alder, Keith Syrett

(Palgrave law masters)

Palgrave, 2017

11th ed

  • : pbk

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"Macmillan Education"

Includes index



This textbook provides a thorough and accessible introduction to the basic principles of United Kingdom Constitutional and Administrative Law, including Human Rights law. By taking the reader through the key constitutional structures - including the notion of the UK constitution as developing "organically" and as a result of historical development and practical compromises - the authors are able to guide the reader step-by-step to a clearer understanding of UK Constitutional and Administrative Law. This book is therefore an essential starting point for more advanced law students and a valuable source of legal context for political science students alike. Both authoritative and accessible, it enables the reader to appreciate the complexity and beauty of this most fundamental part of our legal system. New to this Edition: - A new co-author, Keith Syrett, has joined the author team, bringing a wealth of experience in teaching and writing on UK Constitutional and Administrative law - Thoroughly revised to take in the latest developments in this field of law


PART I: THE FRAMEWORK OF THE CONSTITUTION 1. Introduction: Constitutional Structures 2. Underlying Political Traditions 3. The Sources of the Constitution 4. Historical Landmarks 5. An Overview of the Main Institutions of the Constitution PART II FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES 6. The Rule of Law 7. The Separation of Powers 8. Parliamentary Sovereignty PART III INTERNATIONAL ASPECTS OF THE CONSTITUTION 9. The State and the Outside World 10. The European Union PART IV: GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS 11. Parliament: Constitutional Position 12. The Composition of Parliament and Parliamentary Elections 13. Parliamentary Procedure 14. The Crown 15. Ministers and Departments 16. Devolution PART V: ADMINISTRATIVE LAW 17. The Grounds of Judicial Review, I: Illegality and Ultra Vires 18. The Grounds of Judicial Review, II: Beyond Ultra Vires 19. Judicial Review Remedies and Procedure 20. Administrative Justice PART VI: FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS 21. Human Rights and Civil Liberties 22. The Human Rights Act 1998 23. Freedoms of Expression and Assembly 24. Government Secrecy 25. Exceptional Powers: Security, Emergencies and Terrorism.

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