Manichaeism east and west


Manichaeism east and west

edited by Samuel N.C. Lieu ; in association with Erica Hunter, Enrico Morano, Nils Arne Pedersen

(Corpus fontium manichaeorum, . Analecta manichaica ; 1)

Brepols, c2017

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Includes index


  • Mani and his teachings according to Islamic sources : an introductory story / Dilâ Baran Tekin
  • The date of the Manichaean codices from Medinet Madi, and its significance / Jason Beduhn and Greg Hodgins
  • Incipits and Explicits in Iranian Manichaean texts / Adam Benkato
  • Violence and myth : some reflections on an aspect of the Manichaean protology and eschatology / Fernando Bermejo-Rubio
  • On the names of 'Donors' in middle Iranian Manichaean texts / Iris Colditz
  • The Coptic Manichaean psalm to Jesus (N°245) / Jean-Daniel Dubois
  • The elect cosmic body and Manichaeism as an exclusive religion / Majella Franzmann
  • Patīg and Pattikios in the Manichaean sources / Iain Gardner and Layla Rasouli-Narimani
  • Wild cannibals or repentant sinners? : the value of the Manichaean book of giants for understanding the Qumran book of giants / Matthew Goff
  • Exploring the relic function of Mani's seal stone in the bibliothèque nationale de France / Zsuzsanna Gulácsi
  • Adamas of light in the cosmology painting / Gábor Kósa
  • The Messiah in Iranian Manichaean texts / Claudia Leurini
  • Manichaeism East and West (presidential address) / Samuel Lieu
  • Real and imagined Manichaeans in Greek patristic anti-Manichaica (4th-6th centuries) / Rea Matsangou
  • Manichaean Sogdian poems / Enrico Morano
  • Observations on the book of the giants from Coptic and Syriac sources / Nils Arne Pedersen
  • John of Dara on Mani : Manichaean interpretations of genesis 2:17 in Syriac / Flavia Ruani
  • Persia, sun, fire, execution, and mercy : Jean Baudrillard's postmodern reception of Charles Allberry's a Manichaean psalm-book, part II (1938) / Jonathan Smith
  • Heavenly garment and Christology in western Manichaean sources / Christos Theodorou
  • Some observations on Greek words in Coptic Manichaean texts / Satoshi Toda
  • Middle Iranian terms in the Xiapu Chinese texts : four aspects of the father of greatness in Parthian / Yutaka Yoshida

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