Richard Kilvington's Quaestiones super libros Ethicorum : a critical edition with an introduction


Richard Kilvington's Quaestiones super libros Ethicorum : a critical edition with an introduction

by Monika Michałowska

(Studien und Texte zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters, Bd. 121)

Brill, c2016

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



Among the commentaries on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics produced in the Middle Ages, that of Richard Kilvington is one of the most thought-provoking. Kilvington adopts a unique perspective of argumentation in which he applies concepts and terminology from the fields of logic and physics to ethical dilemmas. This unprecedented approach allows him to formulate original solutions to various ethical problems. He concentrates on the will, moral weakness, the relationship between the will and prudence, the change of virtues and vices, and the nature of ethical objects. The presented commentary is a valuable record of the philosophical debates at Oxford in the 14th century.


Contents Preface vii Introduction Life and Career 3 Questions on the Ethics 11 Manuscripts of the Quaestiones super libros Ethicorum 19 The Manuscript Tradition 27 The Edition 48 Bibliographical References 51 Abbreviations 53 Sigla 54 Bibliography 55 Quaestiones super libros Ethicorum Quaestio I-Utrum omnis virtus moralis ex operibus generetur 63 Quaestio II-Utrum virtutes morales ex defectu et superabundantia corrumpantur 87 Quaestio III-Utrum quilibet virtuosus in operibus sibi propriis delectetur 125 Quaestio IV-Utrum voluntas suos actus producat libere 165 Quaestio V-Utrum fortitudo sit medietas circa audacias et timores 209 Quaestio VI-Utrum male operantes sint a legislatoribus puniendi 232 Quaestio VII-Utrum liberalitas sit circa pecunias medietas 251 Quaestio VIII-Utrum magnanimus dignificet se honoribus sibi dignis 272 Quaestio IX-Utrum iustitia sit virtus moralis perfecta 294 Quaestio X-Utrum prudentia sit habitus cum recta ratione activus circa hominis bona et mala 316 Index Nominum 337 Index Locorum 339 Index Manuscriptorum 342

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