Niche hierarchy : structure, organization, and assembly in natural systems


Niche hierarchy : structure, organization, and assembly in natural systems

by George Sugihara

J. Ross Publishing, c2017

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Originally presented as author's Ph.D. dissertation, Princeton University, 1983

Includes bibliographical references



Written by Dr. George Sugihara, this pioneering work represents a unifying synthesis to tie together four disparate areas of ecology: 1) topological structure of food webs; 2) ecosystem dynamics; 3) ecosystem/food web assembly; and 4) universal patterns of species abundance. Based on the premise that deep general principles are likely to be associated with widely observed empirical regularities, it is organized around uncovering and explaining such patterns for each of the four research areas, and then showing how they interrelate. While this book has historic interest, it is even more relevant today in its findings and overall scope.


  • Chapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Characterizing the Niche 2.1 A Problem of Incompatible Dimensions 2.2 Handling the Dimensionality Problem 2.3 Trophic EquivalenceChapter 3: Hole in Niche Space 3.1 The Mathematical Structure of Holes 3.2 Homology of Real Food Webs 3.3 Robustness: Do Holes Appear Across Variable Thresholds?Chapter 4: Intervality: Tip of an Iceberg 4.1 Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Intervality 4.2 Rigid Circuits: A Robust Property of Real Communities 4.3 Holes, Rigidity, and Intervality 4.4 Assembly Rules Implied by the Rigid Circuit Property in GR(C
  • lambda) 4.5 Assembly and Holes in KC (R
  • lambda-1) 4.6 Assembly and IntervalityChapter 5: Hierarchical Organization in the Niche 5.1 Structural Hierarchy 5.2 Hierarchy in Real Communities 5.3 Functional hierarchyChapter 6: Dynamic Linkages and Topological Patterns 6.1 Triangulation and Stability: A Simple Example 6.2 Triangulation and Stability: Dynamic Selection 6.3 Hierarchy and StabilityChapter 7: Hierarchies of Abundance 7.1 The Niche Hierarchy Model 7.2 Supporting Evidence for Niche Hierarchy 7.3 Related Results

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