Models, mathematics, and methodology in economic explanation


Models, mathematics, and methodology in economic explanation

Donald W. Katzner

Cambridge University Press, 2018 [i.e. 2017]

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book provides a practitioner's foundation for the process of explanatory model building, breaking down that process into five stages. Donald W. Katzner presents a concrete example with unquantified variable values to show how the five-stage procedure works. He describes what is involved in explanatory model building for those interested in this practice, while simultaneously providing a guide for those actually engaged in it. The combination of Katzner's focus on modeling and on mathematics, along with his focus on the explanatory performance of modeling, promises to become an important contribution to the field.


  • Introduction
  • 1. Science and economics
  • 2. Economic models and explanation
  • 3. The stages of model building in economics
  • 4. Models and mathematics
  • 5. Models and measurement (or lack thereof)
  • 6. Issues relating to the construction of models from scratch
  • 7. An example: the efficiency of organizational forms
  • 8. The implicit assumption requirements of later-stage model building
  • 9. Ordinality and the adequacy of analytic specification
  • 10. Categories of models
  • 11. Conclusion.

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